What Will Happen In The Rest Of 'The Get Down'? There Could Be Big Changes Ahead

When the first six episodes of The Get Down wrap up, it can be hard to imagine just where the show will go from there. In the short term, every character has gotten what they wanted. Though many of the characters were being pulled in totally opposing directions – Zeke caught between his internship and his rapping, Mylene between her aspirations and her religious family, and Shaolin between making it as a DJ and the seedy business that could very well could drag him down – they were all able to make it work in the end. It gives Episode 6 a triumphant finish, but it also makes the finale feel very final. So what will happen in the rest of The Get Down?

Though the show might feel as though it was tied up neatly with a bow, musical fans can probably already feel trepidation amidst the joy. The show is a musical at heart, and think of every musical you've ever seen: everything is on the upswing in Act 1, right up until the intermission, and then things usually get messy fast. This isn't a hard and fast rule, of course, but that's how stories generally tend to unfold: the rising action, the climax, and then the falling action. There's also Baz Luhrmann's track record to think about; he is a man who loves a tragedy. This is pure speculation, but I would guess that the second half of The Get Down is going to get really real.

The resolutions of the moment can't last forever. Zeke will likely continue to try to find balance between his life in the Bronx and his new job in Manhattan. Though flashfowards reveal he found success as a rapper, it's still not entirely clear just how that happened or if he left behind everyone else to get there. Shaolin's story took a dark turn when he took a man's life and that probably isn't something that he's going to be able to forget easily. And Mylene is about to blow up as a disco star, which will change everything for her. There are also all the minor characters who could stand further development and increased storylines. There's definitely new ground to cover in the second half of Season 1, and the creative team behind the show is already looking towards storylines for Season 2.

The show's supervising producer and writer Nelson George said that, "We probably would jump into the early '80s. I was there during the beginnings of Run-D.M.C. I was there for Prince and Michael Jackson. I think there is a hell of a story. And also quite honestly the era of crack which began you know around '85. So I think if you look at Books and you look at Shaolin and their trajectory, there is some amazing stuff we could do with them. And then what happens to Mylene, you know, once disco collapses? So I think there is another really good season in this."

Things may look good now, but there are big things ahead for all of the kids on The Get Down. There are almost certainly obstacles ahead, but only time will tell whether the characters will be able to get past them unscathed.