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Ally Has Found Herself In A Terrible Situation On 'AHS: Cult'

Ally Mayfair-Richards has been caught in a whirlwind of terror since American Horror Story: Cult began. Her phobias, both real and imaginary, have plagued her relentlessly. Her wife set out to make her look crazy. Everyone around her has conspired to destroy her life, and it looks like they might have succeeded by the end of "Mid-Western Assassin." But what will happen to Ally on AHS: Cult? After weeks of uncertainty, she finally knew the truth — but the trouble is, now no one will believe her.

Ally has been a target since the first episode because, unbeknownst to her, Ivy had become more and more resentful over the years. Ivy stayed in the marriage for Oz's sake, but she hated Ally. Ivy wanted to leave Ally, but she didn't know how to do that without losing custody of Oz, because Ally was his biological mother. When Ivy confessed that to Kai, he devised a plan to make Ally look unstable so that custody wouldn't be an issue when Ivy finally left. The clowns, the trucks, the dead birds — it was all intended to drive Ally insane so that she wouldn't be able to take care of her son.

But the cult wasn't going to stop there. Kai and Meadow also had Ally framed for the terrifying shooting that opened Episode 6 and uncomfortably reflected current events much too closely — so closely that the network decided to edit the scene. In an official statement, FX explained why they chose to do so.

In light of the tragedy last week in Las Vegas, Ryan Murphy and the producers of American Horror Story: Cult have chosen to make substantial edits to the opening scene of tomorrow night's episode (Tuesday, October 10, 10 PM ET/PT). This opening, which was filmed two months ago and which portrays an occurrence of gun violence that has sadly become all too common in our country, contains a sequence that some viewers might find traumatic. Only the edited version of the episode will air on the FX linear channel, while the unedited version of the episode will be available on the VOD platform of your cable, satellite or telco provider, as well as on the FX Networks non-linear platforms, FXNOW and FX+.

Framing Ally for the shooting was a complicated but effective plan that actually relied on coming clean about the cult. Ally rescued Meadow from Harrison and Detective Samuels when it looked like they were going to kill her, and then Meadow explained that she was defecting from the cult because she had become disillusioned with Kai. That was true, to a point, but it was also just another manipulation. Meadow had planned to leave, but Kai won her back and then embroiled her in yet another plot.

Kai wanted national exposure and greater prominence in the community, but he also needed to cover the cult's tracks at the same time. He decided that a shooting would be the best way to do this, because it would garner national news and also position him as a phoenix rising from the ashes of a major tragedy. He wanted Meadow to shoot him, but only after she'd revealed everything to Ally. There was one very important reason for that.

After losing track of Meadow in the middle of the episode, Ally followed her to one of Kai's rallies, where she saw Meadow open fire on him and the crowd. Ally tried to stop Meadow by grabbing the gun out of her hands, but Meadow killed herself before Ally could do anything. That left Ally holding the weapon without anyone to confirm or contradict that she had been the shooter all along. Because the cult had put so much work into discrediting Ally, everyone will probably dismiss her when she tries to explain what really happened.

Kai and his cult members turned Ally into a Cassandra figure, who in mythology spoke the truth but was believed by no one. Nobody will buy that Kai is up to something or that Ally wasn't responsible for the shooting because everyone thinks that she's crazy. It also definitively cut off Ally's access to Oz. She doesn't have anyone on her side and she's about to get sent to prison; Ally's story has taken its darkest turn yet.

But like Kai's manufactured injury and recovery, Ally might just rise from the ashes stronger than before.

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