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What Will Happen To Daenerys On 'Game of Thrones' Season 6? She Is In Danger

Game of Thrones' Daenerys — perhaps better known by one of her 18 different titles including Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons — flew off at the end of Season 5 on one of said dragons after an assassination attempt by the Sons of the Harpy. She was dropped somewhere unknown, with none of her people privy to where exactly she landed (if only Westeros had iPhone technology!), and surrounded by Dothraki. Early trailers for the new season showed her marching, dusty and mussed, amongst the Dothraki. The most recently released trailer for the show's sixth season shows her in danger, but the details are still hazy. Are you worried? I'm definitely worried. What is going to happen to Daenerys?

Though Dany has proved remarkably capable of adapting and getting herself out of sticky situations (and she has a dragon on hand to barbecue anyone if necessary), in the newest trailer she is seen at the mercy of an unknown assailant. Her arms are being held by two unfamiliar women while another tears off her dress. Considering all the flack this show has taken for its sexualized violence against women, I'm sure no one is thrilled to see another female character in such a precarious position. There isn't a lot to go on, but there are some things that seem definite: Dany is with the Dothraki, and it's not going great.

In an earlier trailer, Dany was also seen passing by a massive horse statue; fans quickly deduced that she was on her way to Vaes Dothrak, a city where the various Dothraki clans meet to trade. In the books, there is a statue of two stallions marking the entrance to the city. This could mean good news for Dany because one of the rules of the city is that no one can draw their sword against another person (or even animal) while within its bounds. That could protect her at least from being shish kabob-ed, though other forms of violence are still on the table. She is a prisoner, after all, and it doesn't look like her previous marriage to Khal Drogo is giving Dany much cache with the Dothraki people.

Even actress Emilia Clarke conceded that the outlook wasn't so great for Dany – at least at first. She reassured audiences to Access Hollywood that Dany has learned enough to hopefully hold her own going forward: "This season, it's not that she learns a lot of new things, it's more that she's now finally being able to put everything she's ever learnt into play because she's all on her own."

Of course, Dany might also be rescued by those running Mereen in her absence: Jorah, Daario, Tyrion, and Missandei. Before she was taken by the khalasar, Dany dropped a ring on the ground, leaving a trail for anyone looking to follow. However, I wouldn't count Dany out just yet – she might just get out of this one on her own.