What Happens To The Clitoris During Pregnancy?

One of the first indicators of pregnancy may be your bra feeling a little too tight. Bigger boobs out of nowhere is a pretty good indicator that you have a bun in the oven, but your chest area isn't the only body part that grows when you're preggers. As you're moving along through the trimesters, you may wonder, what will happen to my clitoris during pregnancy? If the thought of what could go down down there makes you want to clinch up your lady parts, don't let your imagination run wild. It's not as extreme as you think.

When it comes to pregnancy and sex, you may have heard very conflicting stories. Some women say sex is the last thing they even want to think about (let alone participate in), while others claim that mind blowing orgasms flowed abundantly throughout their pregnant days. Ironically, the reason behind why some avoid doing the deed and others can seem to get enough is the same thing. According to Pregnancy magazine, the clitoris is engorged with blood flow during pregnancy, which can mean soreness for some women and increased sensitivity for others — each woman's body responds in different ways.

As the website for Our Bodies Ourselves pointed out, sexual desires and body changes during pregnancy are correlated, and change from trimester to trimester. Which is why the swelling of the clitoris is associated with both pleasure and pain, depending on the person. If you're someone who experiences pain or soreness due to engorgement of the clitoris, try wearing loose clothes, sitting on comfortable surfaces, and not straining when using the bathroom, as Healthline recommended. However, if you're one of those ladies who likes what they're feeling down there, take advantage of those rockstar-style Os only pregnant women can experience.

Although most women only experience mild swelling and extra sensitivity in the clitoris while pregnant, if you feel pain or discomfort from the body change, give your doctor or midwife a call to make sure everything is checking out OK. And remind yourself that everything will go (pretty much) back to normal after delivery.