What Will Jon Snow Do Next On 'Game Of Thrones'? Fingers Crossed For A Family Reunion

Jon Snow is officially resurrected on Game of Thrones, and the world is waiting, still, with baited breath to see what he's going to do with his renewed life. The only thing we know for sure is that he's left the Night's Watch. So what will he do next? Sunday's episode focused mostly on catching up with all the major characters, and forwarding the plot for the next episode. Arya has her eyesight back, Bran is still watching psychic home movies, Dany is trying, unsuccessfully, to get through to the Dosh Khaleen, Cersei tries to be Queen still, and Ramsay Bolton has Rickon Stark hostage, and the severed head of poor Shaggydog. So does this give us a clue as to where Jon Snow may be headed next on Game of Thrones?

Newly resurrected, Jon's first question is, why? Why was he brought back to life after his death? No one can give him a straight answer, but Melisandre seems to believe that he is, in fact, The Prince That Was Promised. If this is true, then his purpose is clear, to lead Westeros in battle against the White Walkers. If this is indeed his purpose, he won't be leading the battle from Castle Black. After the first order of business, executing the men and one boy who betrayed and murdered him, was out of the way (ugh, bye Olly) Jon handed his Lord Commander cape to his most faithful brother, Edd. "My watch is ended," he said, as he walks out of the courtyard. Bye, boys!

Obviously, we are all hoping that Jon is headed straight to Winterfell to be reunited with, let's face it, the least beloved of the Stark clan, his little brother Rickon. This is most likely the case, though what will happen once he gets there is a little murky. We already know that Ramsay is gearing up to kill Jon Snow so that he is unable to protect his sister Sansa, and further secure his position as Warden of the North. Now with the support of the Karstarks and the Umbers, he's already on his way. But Jon is extremely unlikely to simply lie back and let himself be murdered again. With his new lease on life, and possible existential crisis, I think it is quite probable that Jon Snow will finally deliver Ramsay the swift death he so truly deserves. In this case the Boltons would obviously lose the North, and Jon and/or Rickon would become Lord of Winterfell. In a perfect episode, Jon would run into Sansa and Brienne on the way, and the three of them would have a mini family reunion.

Game of Thrones is known to throw the worst possible scenarios at its faithful viewers, who somehow always keep watching. Finally, I think it's time that we got back to some of the satisfying wins that hooked us in the first place. Dany's dragons, the Battle at Blackwater Bay, and Joffrey's death were all heartening events that kept us coming back for more, even when our favorite characters are mercilessly beheaded and tortured in basically every other episode. We've had a lot of disappointment lately, and I think we're ready for some good stuff.