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Royal Fans Think Harry & Meghan Could Give Their Baby One Of These 10 Names

The newest royal baby's arrival will be here before you know it. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to welcome their addition to the royal family within a matter of weeks. So naturally, this has everyone wondering what Markle and Prince Harry will name their baby.

Almost immediately after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they were expecting their first child together, people immediately started wondering what they would name their bundle of joy. And so far, the parents-to-be haven't given any hints, not even if they're expecting a little boy or girl. In January, during a royal appearance, Markle stated that she and Prince Harry decided not to find out what their baby's sex is because they "want to keep it a surprise," according to Town & Country.

As such, people across the internet have been placing bets on potential boy or girl names for the new royal baby. Almost all of these names have a deeply rooted history in the royal family — and this is for a reason. Royal names must "nod to history" and pay respects to former family members, according to Vogue Australia.

It's a little unclear if Markle and Prince Harry will go in that direction, but here is just a taste of what people are predicting their baby's name will be. Who knows, they could be right?


Prince Harry was only 12 years old when his mom, Princess Diana, died in 1997, but he has continued to keep her legacy alive. One of these ways that he can do this is by naming his child Diana. Fans really want the couple to name their child after his mom, which would be so sweet — and it's currently leading the top of the betting pool, according to Express.


Victoria is also on the top of the betting list, according to INSIDER, after one of the most iconic monarchs, who married Prince Albert in 1840.


If Prince Harry and Markle didn't want to be so obvious with naming their child Diana, they could name their baby Frances. Frances is Princess Diana's middle name and is a perfect, subtle homage to his late mother.


In January, Prince Charles joked that his son and Markle would be putting the names "Kylie" and "Shane" on their shortlist, according to Harper's Bazaar. While these names may seem too modern for the couple to ever consider, they could surprise everyone and pick one of these names. Hey, weirder things have happened.


Christian, which means follower of Christ, is typically a name associated with the royal family of Denmark, according to Baby Center. And Alexandra hasn't made the shortlist for the royal baby name bets. But, people shouldn't completely consider it out of the running — Alexandra was a popular prediction if Prince William and Middleton's third child was a girl, according to HuffPost.

Alistair or Alastair

Alastair was the great grandson of Queen Victoria, according to Good Housekeeping, who died after falling out of a window in 1943 while inebriated. It's a nice name and, as one Twitter user pointed out, the original Alistair does bear a striking resemblance to Prince Harry.


Another favorite among betting pools, Arthur, would be a name in honor of the legend of King Arthur, according to Cosmopolitan. Not to mention, it's one of Prince Louis' many middle names. Mary is another name that is deeply embedded in the royal family, according to Good Housekeeping, and could also be a strong consideration for the royal baby's name.


Albert is the most popular name prediction for the royal baby, if he is a boy, according to Express. Albert is a super popular choice because he was married to Queen Victoria, according to Cosmopolitan.


The name Alice also ranks high on the list, according to Cosmopolitan, because it would be a touching tribute to Prince Harry's grandfather — Prince Phillip — whose mom was named Alice. Alice is such a cute name, I think they should go with it.


Phillip was a very popular choice for Prince William and Middleton's third baby — and it still stands for Prince Harry's baby. Phillip, of course, is the name of Prince Harry's grandfather, who is currently 97 years old. This is a great way for them to honor Prince Phillip.

It will only be a matter of weeks before people find out for sure what Markle and Prince Harry decided to name their baby.