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What Would The 'Rugrats' Babies Look Like As Adults? Now We Know, & It's Amazing — PHOTOS

For the majority of us '90s kids, Rugrats was a pivotal television show of our childhood. We loved going on adventures with Tommy, rooting against (or possibly with, because honestly, who doesn't love an adorable villain?) Angelica and her evil schemes, worrying alongside Chuckie, and wishing Reptar was a real thing. The final episode aired June 8, 2004, after 13 magical years of wayward escapades, but that doesn't mean we stopped thinking about the DeVilles, the Pickles, or the Finsters. And now that some of us '90's babies are having babies of our own, we (OK, I) can't help but wonder, "What would the cast of Rugrats look like if they were parents?"

Thankfully, the forever-creative crew at BuzzFeed has the answer. They've provided us with in-depth descriptions of the Rugrats cast's grown up lives, and some straight-up rad illustrations,that give us a glimpse into the potential lives of our favorite diapered, toddler gang. From crunchy moms who are breastfeeding their 3-year-old to CEOs to YouTube stars, one thing is for certain: The Rugrats crew didn't ditch their imaginations or their drive when they ditched their diapers.

Angelica Pickles

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Angelica turned her love (read: obsession) with Cynthia dolls into a full-blown power career, climbing the corporate ladder until she was made CEO of the Cynthia empire. She has a daughter, Scarlett, whom she brings to work because yes, women can "have it all" and Angelica is quick to show people how. (Mostly so they can stop asking that ridiculous question.)

Chuckie Finster

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Chuckie is the hipster CEO of his own software company, who probably pays his employees well above $15 an hour and gives parents paid maternity and paternity leave. He launched his now wildly-successful software company after he created an app called "Scaredy Stat," which calculated the probability that any one situation will end in severe injury or untimely death. Some things never change.

Dylan "Dil" Pickles

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Dil might still live at home with his parents, but that doesn't mean he isn't doing big things! He has his own YouTube channel "In a Bit of a Pickle," which has become a successful favorite among college students. He also vlogs about herbal medicine in his spare time, when he isn't working at a cheese shop or playing with his dog, Bear.

Lillian "Lil" DeVille

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Lil is that crunchy mom who seems to have all the answers and is more than willing to help other mothers. She's a lactation consultant by day, and is patiently waiting for her 3-year-old to ween by night.

Tommy Pickles

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The ultimate dreamer, with the most imaginative of minds, Tommy can (and does) play "make believe" with his daughter far longer than normal parens could stomach. When he isn't traveling to distant lands or shooting into outer space via his back yard, Tommy is molding young minds as a college professor, with a speciality and passion for early civilizations.

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