What Your Favorite Boy Band Says About Your Sex Life

Terrible news: It looks like boy bands are coming back. I say this is terrible not because boy bands aren’t amazing (they totally are), but because a whole new era of obsession is upon us once again. A whole new generation of kids are about to grow up worshipping at the altar of five or six musically-talented guys. Kids of the ‘90s remember a time when it was easy to figure out what your favorite boy band says about you, from which band you preferred (for me it was *NSYNC, because obviously) down to which member you liked the most (JT, no hesitation). There's still more information to be garnered from boy band fandom, however, and it's maybe something you haven't thought about in relation to your past obsession. That's right: I'm talking about your sex life. It turns out dudes who sing and dance in harmony can tell a lot about whether you're physically in harmony with your partner, too.

Yes, those giant bedroom posters you had (or have, I don't judge) adorning your walls of guys smiling and striking a pose were indicative of so much more in your later years. From the matching (and, if it was in the ‘90s, sometimes ridiculous) outfits to the coiffed hair and charming smiles, these guys act as the perfect vessels for your own fantasies, ones which totally come out in the bedroom today without you even realizing it. Without further ado, prepare to understand exactly why you want it that way with what your favorite boy band says about your sex life.

The Backstreet Boys

You are very vocal. From telling your partner you "want it that way," to letting them know they better "rock your body, now," you are not afraid to say what you like and how you like it.


Your bedroom habits would probably be described as acrobatic. Your moves are akin to the intricate choreography of *NSYNC, and there is no position you will not try just to see if you can make something amazing happen.

One Direction

You're into the newest tips and tricks, whether they come from a magazine or a sex blog, and aren't afraid to keep things interesting by bringing in new ideas. Whatever you do, you make sure the sex you and your partner has is always fresh and never boring.

Boyz II Men

Three words: Smooth as hell. You know how to turn up the romance by lighting the candles, putting out massage oil, and generally setting up for a night that's totally sensual.


You're pretty vanilla. But it's OK. You own your love of missionary and there's no reason to be ashamed about it.

98 Degrees

You like to heat things up (pun intended) by bringing in the unexpected: toys and fun ways to play. If your partner just gave you one night (una noche), you'd show them all those fantasies you've been dreaming about for a while.


It's basically non-existent. Sorry, boo.

Images: Carlos Alvarez/Getty