What Your Favorite James Bond Says About Your Sex Life

by Meg Kehoe

For more than 50 years, people have been debating who holds the title of the best James Bond. Everyone has their own opinion, and I could wax poetic on mine for hours. (Seriously, I took a college course on James Bond — if you want to talk Bond, I'm your girl.) But the fact of the matter is this, there's a 007 out there for everyone, and your favorite Bond says about lot about you. . . and your sex life. 

Maybe you like your Bond with an outrageous spray-tan and ridiculously tight pants. Or perhaps you prefer a 007 with a side of swooping hair and a questionable sexual history. Whether it's the nostalgic era of Sean Connery, the smarmy charm of Pierce Brosnan, or the newest chapter of Daniel Craig — 007 caters to multiple tastes.

 And even if you're not swooning over Mr. Bond and his hurricane of martinis and tuxedos, your favorite Bond can be telling about what you're like behind closed doors.  And when Daniel Craig's reign is over, you can absolutely count me to lead you through the pros and cons of his successor — and what a romp with him would say about your sexual appetite. Pick a Bond, any Bond.

Daniel Craig

You like things a little bit on the aggressive side. Hair pulling? You're into it. You've had your heart broken once or twice, so you're cautious about letting just anyone into your boudoir — but once they get there, all bets are off. You like your partners with substance, intellect, and you don't mind being challenged while taking a roll in the hay. All in all, you know what you like, and you're not ashamed of it. 

Pierce Brosnan

You read erotica in your spare time and daydream about somebody introducing a little bit of S&M excitement into your life, but usually wind up in your sweats with a glass of pinot grigio, using The English Patient as fantasy material. There's no shame in your game, girl — even if you don't get to live out your whips and chains fantasies.

Sean Connery

You like being charmed before getting into bed with someone. Your ideal partner is probably a little bit over the top and oozing with self confidence. After a really good romp in the sheets, you might even feel like you need to light up a cigarette.

George Lazenby

You think traditional is boring, and you like to push boundaries. You certainly aren't everyone's cup of tea, which is why you wind up peppering your sexscapades with one night stands.

Roger Moore

You're not afraid of keeping things light and fun in the bedroom. In fact, you're not offended when your partner laughs mid-moves. You love having a connection with your partner, and can just as easily be romantic. For you, it's all about knowing your partner, inside and out.

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