What Your Favorite Pie Says About You, A Necessary Pre-Thanksgiving Assessment

There are plenty of tests and quizzes that can reveal hidden aspects of your personality, but what your favorite pie says about you may very well be the end all, be all. Why is that so? Because as fall draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on where you are at this time in your life, before heading into the end of the year and those cold winter months. After all, what you’ve accomplished before the year ends, and what you’re contemplating tackling next, is worth thinking about in this transitional period. The holidays give you plenty of time to mull over your true personality.

So what better way to do so than via one of the season’s greatest treasures: a just-out-the-oven, decadent, homemade pie? (Or store bought if that’s your schtick — I don’t judge.) Whether you’re into fruit, meringue, or an even more unusual concoction, this dessert can reveal more about you than you possibly thought it could. The amount of variety in this baked treat is guaranteed to give you some fresh insight into your inner life, and we think it’s the perfect perspective to gain during the short, much-needed vacation that is Thanksgiving. So get those forks ready—it’s time to find out who you really are.


Though pumpkin may be the most traditional of fall tastes, it is by no means without lots of captivating qualities (after all, that PSL is popular for a reason!) You’re a creature of habit, and love when things are as they have always been. You probably have the same friends you’ve had since you were in preschool, and your lists of inside jokes among them could go on for days. You may be resistant to change, but that’s okay, because as long as you can be comforted and supported by your loved ones, you can make it through anything.


Apple pie is interesting because you can go two ways with it — if you put ice cream on it, it becomes sweet, and if you melt cheddar cheese on it, it becomes savory. The same could be said of you. On the one hand you may be social and outgoing, but there’s another layer to you, like the filling below a lattice crust. You have a rich inner life that’s all your own, one that you prefer to delve into once you’re away from your friends and family. You may like to read novels, or keep a journal to make note of your feelings outside of your everyday life, and it’s those deep, personal perceptions that keep you grounded.


You’ve got a bit of an edge, so no one stands a chance against you when it comes to a debate. Even though you love in-depth discussion and you’ve got the greatest counter-argument to any notion someone brings up that you might disagree with, you still have a soft side, and won’t just start something for the sake of it. You’re strong and independent, which is great, but maybe just make sure to keep your cool at the Thanksgiving table. After all, your don’t want any healthy debate to turn into a real fight over dinner.


Pleasant, warm, agreeable. These are qualities one could say are immediately at the forefront of your personality. But that’s what makes you so genuine, which makes people open up to you in ways you might not expect. Friends probably go to you as their shoulder to cry on, and know they can rely on you for great advice and to keep their secrets. Just make sure that you’re getting the support you need too, as even the best listeners need to tell their stories.

Strawberry Rhubarb

You’re little different. Some might even say you dance to a different tune.  Though you may be pulled by social standards to fit in more and to tone down your quirky qualities, don’t! It’s exactly those characteristics of your personality that’ll make you not only stand out in a crowd, but capable of doing really cool, amazing things with your life others folks might not have ever thought of doing with theirs.

Sweet Potato

Friends would describe you as the adventurous type, the one who’s always up for anything and ready to go for novel experiences. You probably enjoy traveling, or at the very least have a bucket list that you can’t wait to tackle. You’re the risk-taker that everyone knows is going to be the one to do something jaw-dropping, and that’s a quality that anyone can envy.

Chocolate Peanut Butter

You are the life of the party, and all about bringing the fun to any social occasion. Friends are glad to have you around because you always make them laugh (, or at least serve up some of the dishiest stories over conversation.) But don’t let your completely extroverted side fool anyone. You have a completely authentic side to you as well that, after all the merriment and foolishness, settles down to talk and think about what’s really important and gets you going.

Lemon Meringue

Friends might describe you as sarcastic, with a wry sense of humor. But you’re also, perhaps unbeknownst to anyone except your closest friends, quite fragile, and use your wit as a shield against going deeper and addressing issues you may be a little uncomfortable talking about. Your sense of irony, however, is a prize possession not to be overlooked, and carries you through even the toughest situations.

Mini Pies

You’re a kid at heart — no one would deny that. For that reason, kids are drawn to you, and you are not only a fun adult for them to play with but a great caretaker who can pick up on exactly what little ones need and are feeling. It is easy for you to show love and affection, and your deep devotion to taking care of those you adore is absolutely one of your best qualities that makes you, you.

Images: Leekris/Fotolia; Courtesy of Tim Pierce, Sarah, Museinthecity, kae71463, Jeremy Bronson, Katie, thebittenword, Lisa Williams, Kim/Flickr.