The Egg May Be Your New Best Friend With Benefits

by Lindsay E. Mack

Vibrator technology has come a long way in recent years (no pun intended). At one end of the spectrum are devices large enough to serve as a third arm. These can be intimidating for some people. Thankfully, more discreet options are also available. When shopping around for a new vibe, you may ask yourself what is an egg, exactly? It's a small but powerful option.

Eggs are a subset of tiny vibrators. At only a couple of inches in length, most of these teardrop-shaped devices are roughly the size and shape of a basic chicken egg. As noted by Adam & Eve, egg vibrators can provide concentrated stimulation to all sorts of erogenous zones, from the clitoris to the nipple. Because of their diminutive size and relative affordability (many models go for $20 or so), the egg vibrators make a good starter model for many people.

Although these eggs are little, their output can be fierce. According to, modern love eggs can provide very strong vibrations for their size. Many even have different vibration speeds to allow for individual exploration. As explained on, some eggs have a remote control so your partner can get in on the fun — and decide when to set off the vibrations. Yes, the remote means you can enjoy your vibe any time or place, even in public. (Just maybe not the TSA line at the airport? Unless you're really into risky stuff.)

There are endless ways to enjoy an egg vibrator. You can use it externally to stimulate the clitoris, or insert it for penetrative fun. Many egg vibrators even have an attached string or loop for easy retrieval, should you decide to go this route. You can use them on a male partner for prostate stimulation, as well. Basically, your imagination is the limit.

What's more, the egg's discreet size makes it ideal for travel. Seriously, something like the vibrant egg massager ($9) looks like it should be used to charge Apple products. It doesn't scream "I'm a vibrator" the way a more true-to-life option might. Egg vibrators are a simple, powerful, and sensible option for just about anyone who enjoys pleasure.