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Scott Is Still A Haunting Presence On 'JTV'

Every mean girl (or in this case boy) has a burn book and Scott is no exception. The now deceased manager of The Marbella was known for knowing everyone's secrets, so fans shouldn't have been all too surprised to discover that he had a burn book. So what's in Scott's burn book on Jane the Virgin? Unfortunately for Petra and Rafael, it likely contains some of their darkest secrets.

Before the time jump, Scott revealed that he had a copy of the addendum to Emilio's will. If you recall, Rafael recently discovered that Emilio and his mother weren't his biological parents and he was actually adopted. According to the addendum, Emilio's possessions would only go to his biological children, excluding Rafael. Though Rafael wanted to come clean and make the addendum official, Petra pleaded with him not to for the sake of their children. If the addendum was verified, Rafael would potentially lose everything, including The Marbella.

Rafael agreed and Petra shredded it, but somehow Scott got his hands on it and there's no doubt he held on to it for continuous blackmail against Petra. If Scott kept a copy in his burn book or even mentioned it, the police would know about it and could look into it, which would be very unfortunate for Petra since she just reopened and rebranded The Marbella. More importantly though, it could provide enough motive for both Petra and Rafael to kill Scott, forcing the police to reopen the investigation into Scott's death.

To make matters worse, Petra just confessed to Chuck that she moved Scott's body so it wouldn't be on The Marbella's property. If the investigation is reopened, as it appears it will be, Chuck will surely throw Petra under the bus and let the police know what she did so his hotel is no longer involved.

Things aren't looking so good for Petra, but as was revealed at the end of "Chapter Fifty-Six," Rafael's actually the most likely suspect in Scott's murder. He and his friend from prison, Elvis, are clearly up to something and in "Chapter Fifty-Seven" Elvis was even caught in Petra's room, either trying to take the burn book or returning it to the vent in Petra's room. Either way, he was up to something sketchy and now it appears they may all be in trouble soon, thanks to Abbey who turned in to the notebook.

It'll be interesting to see how Petra and Rafael attempt to weasel their way out of this one, because right now it does not look good for either one of them.