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What's In The DNC Leaks? The Emails Released By Wikileaks Reveal Internal Bias

By now, the words "Hillary Clinton" and "emails" go together just as much as "peanut butter" and "jelly." If people were sick of hearing Hillary Clinton's emails — they're about to hear a lot more about the two. Wikileaks just released released 20,000 emails from various heads of the Democratic National Committee. But they don't have to read all of those emails to assume what's in the DNC leaks — because they (especially Bernie supporters) already know the truth.

The DNC leaks basically confirmed every Bernie Sanders' supporter's biggest fear — that the Democratic National Committee had stacked the odds Sanders and was heavily skewed towards pushing Hillary Clinton as the party's presidential nominee. This includes things like DNC officials talking about getting someone to talk about Bernie Sanders' heritage to sway conservative voters to painting Bernie Sanders' campaign as "a mess."

For most Bernie Sanders supporters, this doesn't come as a surprise — many supporters felt like the odds were stacked against Sanders from the beginning. But with this massive email leak, it only proves their suspicions and doesn't paint the party's officials in the best light just days before the Democratic National Convention as the DNC calls on democrats to support Hillary Clinton in unity. The evidence is damning.

The emails are revealing. In one email, it shows that DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz got so mad after facing criticism about her "unfair" treatment of Bernie Sanders during and interview on MSNBC that she demanded the show's host should apologize to her and suggested other DNC officials to call the network's president.

In one email, it is revealed at a reporter at Politco reportedly made an agreement with the DNC to let the committee review a story of about Hillary Clinton's fundraising before the website published it. In another email, the term "Bernie Bro" is being thrown around in a professional and serious email chain (really). For those curious about reading all 20,000 emails (good luck) they are available to search for on the Wikileaks website.

Perhaps even more revealing than the content of emails is the reactions of Bernie Sanders supporters, Democrats and everyone in between on Twitter.

The DNC leaks only further confirm the worst fears of Bernie supporters and people who want to have faith in the Democratic Party. While most voters believe the DNC should have been neutral during the primary election, the emails prove that bias existed long before Hillary secured the popular vote.