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Here's How To Order A Dragon Frappuccino

If you've been on the internet at all this past week, then you're well aware of Starbucks' new drink, the Unicorn Frappuccino. The limited-release beverage was an Instagram-lover's dream with swirls of pink, blue, and white. However, according to many who tried it, its taste was a little questionable, to say the least (not that it stopped anyone from purchasing the pretty beverage), with social media users quick to point out that the drink looked better than it tasted. However, a newly-discovered secret menu item may be just what the internet deserves, after the fallout from the Unicorn Frappuccino left many wanting something else. So, what's in the Dragon Frappuccino? It's the next big Starbucks drink, but it's not official, so you'll have to make some special requests (politely, of course).

According to People, the Dragon Frap is "said to be made with a mix of a green tea Frappuccino, vanilla bean powder and a berry swirl." So while it's not an official Starbucks drink, you may be able to get your hands on one if you describe the concoction, and leave a nice tip of course. The Dragon Frap, like the Pink Pegasus, is said to be born out of one Starbucks store's low stock on Unicorn ingredients, and was made as a replacement to the infamous drink.

Like drinkers of the Pink Pegasus, social media users who have been lucky enough to sip the dragon drink claim that it is much better tasting than the famed unicorn version. And with a green-tea base, and bright pink swirls, it's certainly just as Instagram-worthy as the unicorn, perhaps even more so, as the drink is technically not even on the menu.

Another perk of the Dragon Frappuccino is that its tea contents means it actually has caffeine, unlike the uber-sweet unicorn drink. And while it reportedly doesn't have as much sugar as the unicorn, the Dragon Frap is still pretty sweet, with berry syrup running through the green creation.

So, where can you get a Dragon Frappuccino? Unfortunately, there's no real answer to that. If you really want one, you can definitely ask your local Starbucks barista to custom-make you one, but they technically don't have to, so don't feel too bad if you get denied your order.

However, if you can describe the drink and maybe even show one of the pictures of the new frappuccino, you might just get that magical drink after all. But make sure to give that barista an extra-large smile (and tip) if you get your wish! Dragon Frappuccinos, like their Unicorn ancestors, aren't easy to make, after all.