The Hottest Toy Of 2017 Will Leave You Broke If You Don’t Act Fast

by Olivia Youngs

Christmas shopping season is in full swing, and parents everywhere are having kids make their lists and check them twice. Whether you're a "go all out" type of Christmas shopper, or prefer to keep the holidays simple, asking what the hot toy of 2017 is will be helpful for narrowing down your search, because chances are, this toy is already at the top of your child's Christmas list, whether you've heard of it or not.

According to Business Insider, expert on all thing business, retail, and apparently, toy related also, 2017's hottest toy of the year is Fingerlings. For those who don't keep up with the fascinating realm of toy trends, you must not have kids and be holed up in the middle of the woods. First let's define what a "hot toy" even is. Exactly as the name suggests, a hot toy is the most sought after toy of the year. The one that Walmart and Target can't restock fast enough, the one that graces the top line of the majority of children's wish lists, and the one that you'll find on eBay within hours of it's release, priced well above the original retail price.

If you've been living under a rock and just made a quick rush to Google what Fingerlings actually are, don't worry, you'll find out soon enough because you're about to receive a request for one — or a couple — from your own child, your nephew, or even your little brother. That is, if you haven't already.

Fingerlings, tiny robotic monkeys that grip onto your finger and sing when prompted, are designed to be "adorable pets" that "never want to let you go". Because a real puppy isn't exciting or adorable (or practical) enough. According to their website, Fingerlings are equipped with two tiny sensors on the top of their heads that, when tapped, will trigger a variety of behaviors. You can also hang them upside down by their tails, triggering laughter. They are baby monkeys after all.

Let's not also forget the more recently released robotic pets, the unicorn and sloth, both of which are just as popular, if not more because they are more rare, as the original monkey. Children can pet their baby pets, causing them to coo and close their eyes. And, because kids delight in the classier things in life, pressing down on a Fingerling's head will cause them to do things like pass gas or burp (that, thankfully for the parents involved, you can only hear and not smell). When bedtime rolls around, kiddos can rock their Fingerlings to sleep, and with a simple clap or two of the hands, will wake up and start singing.

Fingerlings, according to Fortune, were tied closely with other hard to find toys like the L.O.L Surprise Dolls, dolls that, when wet, will "surprise" kids by changing colors, spitting, crying, laughing or even urinating. Innovation at it's finest, people.

You can buy the little monkeys at almost any toy store around the country, but if Business Insider predicted correctly, stores will have a hard time keeping the little animals in stock as the holidays approach.

If you want to go above and beyond your child's (slightly odd) expectations this year, buying a Fingerling with its own playset will score you major points. WowWee has designed, not surprisingly, monkey bars for the toys, as well as teeter-totters and swings.

Before you suddenly loose faith in humanity for such a strange hot toy, remember that you too once wanted a Furbie, or a Tamagotchi, or even worse, a TY beanie baby for Christmas. Toys may have gotten more technologically advanced, but children's appreciation for the weird things in life hasn't changed one bit.

So, don't ask questions, and just head to your local Target where you can hopefully buy a Fingerling for a mere $14.99. It's a small price to pay for a child's happiness. Now, pardon me while I get a head start on my holiday shopping. I've got nieces too, you know.

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