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Royal Baby Sussex's Zodiac Sign Tells Us *A Lot* About Him

After months of breathless anticipation, the Royal Family has announced that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has given birth to a baby boy. We're thrilled to welcome a new prince into the world, but what is royal baby Sussex's zodiac sign? Good news for Harry and Meghan: he's a Taurus, which could not be more fitting for royalty.

The star sign Taurus, or the Bull, runs between April 20 and May 20. People born under this sign are known to be hardworking, dependable, and down-to-earth (which makes sense, it being an earth sign and all). While they're famously practical, it's not all drab sensibility for a Taurus. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, creativity, and beauty, Tauruses can be prone to excess, even hedonism, and love all things sparkly and expensive. So, really, this little bull was born into the perfect family because have you seen those tiaras?

While Harry and Meghan should generally expect an easy going baby--this sign is nothing if not chill--they should expect to butt heads from time to time and get the horns. Like an actual bull, Tauruses can be quite stubborn. Because they're usually measured and practical, they might have a hard time seeing things from a point of view they see as anything other than reasonable. But fear not, royals: it's not that a Taurus can't be persuaded. It just takes a little more effort than it would for, say, a wishy-washy Libra baby.

So what will this family dynamic look like, according to the stars?

Prince Harry, a Virgo, may have a lot in common with his son: both Virgo and Taurus are Earth signs ruled by Venus. Their love will be strong not only for their commonalities--a deep commitment to family and tradition, amazing work ethic, and clear-eyed pragmatism--but by their differences. The gentle patience of a Taurus can soften the sometimes judgmental nature of a Virgo. A Virgo, meanwhile, will be a natural teacher, giving a Taurus an appreciation of the world around them, pushing their little homebody to find interests beyond their kitchen, garden, or opulent, velvet-covered chaise (like I said: they're homebodies with an appreciation of the finer things, and I have to believe there's no dearth of velvet-covered chaises in the various palaces of the House of Windsor).

But what can Little Royal Taurus baby expect from a Leo mama like Meghan? While the strong (like... super-duper strong) personality of a Leo might occasionally come into conflict with a stubborn Taurus, this relationship is not only harmonious but deeply loving and affectionate. Leo mamas love to give lots of snuggles and a Taurus child, who is generally in search of coziness, is happy to receive them. Leo moms, naturally generous and a bit extra (OK, a lot extra) are also prone to spoiling their kiddos and a Taurus, prone to being just a wee bit greedy, are happy to receive physical items as well as kisses and hugs. While Meghan will probably never be Queen of the United Kingdom, Leos are Queen Extroverts. In the future, this may clash with a Tauruses tendency to want to chill at home, so, royal baby, prepare to hear the phrase "Are you just going to sit on the couch all day?" (Meghan, be prepared to hear a defiant and unshakable "Yep.")

Of course, astrology is just for fun: people have their own unique experiences and personalities that will define their life and relationships that go far beyond ancient archetypes and astrological charts. But, when you're talking about royalty, I feel like it's reasonable to get a little bit starstruck and turn to the literal stars to imagine what their lives will be like.

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!