Charlotte Russe Is Officially Closing & Going Out Of Business Sales Start Today

by Brianna Wiest

Young women who came of age in the late 90s to mid-2000s stand together in solidarity today, as we all bid adieu to a fashion era unlike any other. According to CBS News, Charlotte Russe's stores are closing up shop for good, and starting today, March 7, the retailer will be having its largest sale of all — its last.

It might seem to have come as a surprise to anyone not paying attention, but Charlotte Russe announced today via a very concise message on its website that all stores are closing, and its online store is already closed for sales. "Going out of business," reads the landing page. "Sale starts March 7, all stores." It also notes that, as one could image, the sales will be final, given that the stores will be closed sooner rather than later.

Though there is no one date listed for when the physical stores will close their doors for good and Romper's request for comment was not immediately returned, it's pretty much clear that Charlotte Russe has come to an end, and all its affordable styling with it.

Of course, both buyers who love the store as well as soon-to-be displaced employees are saddened by the news, as one would expect. Social media has been a flurry of humorous and sentimental posts, summing up both the end of an era, and the mad dash to grab the last great jeans that will be available.

Many people have expressed their sadness at the fact that there will be one less location at which you can find cute, affordable footware. "Wow Charlotte Russe is going out of business too omg. I get all my cute boots and sandals from there," one user shared on Twitter.

Others commented on how fast the announcement seemed to happen. "I've been on the Charlotte Russe website all week buying things and just obsessing, suddenly I see this?? What is going on with American stores closing down suddenly??" another said.

However, others went on to comment about the fact that, aside from access to cute booties, this means that a lot of people will be losing their jobs, which is pretty serious. "If a customer walks in to Charlotte Russe today and asks me when the sale starts one more time I’ll flip some sh*t lmaoo like bruh thousands of employees are losing their jobs why don’t you have some consideration," said one user.

Another even argued that it's interesting how spirited people seem to be about the stores closing, because as an employee, she hadn't seen much foot traffic in there for a while. "Ppl really come into Charlotte Russe and say 'omg I cant believe you're closing you guys are my favorite store' like HUUHHH WHERE HAVE YALL BEEN??? THE STORES BEEN EMPTY FOR MONTHS," said another user on Twitter.

However, news of the store's impending closure shouldn't come completely as a surprise, given that the company had already filed for bankruptcy and liquidation, USA Today reported.

“We are partnering with the buyer and remain in talks to sell the (intellectual property), are optimistic about the future of the brand, and remain in ongoing negotiations with a buyer who has expressed interest in a continued brick and mortar presence to continue to serve our loyal customers in the future,” the company said in a statement to USA Today, adding that on March 6, a judge in Wilmington Delaware, approved the sale of Charlotte Russe's assets to a liquidation company, which is what resulted in the fast turnaround and closing announcement.

All in all, between the jobs being lost and the memories that are no longer, it's a pretty sad day for American retail. We'll just have to hold tight to our pictures and keep in our hearts a simpler, better time when Charlotte Russes lined our shopping malls, and our hearts.