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This Is Exactly When Girl Scout Cookies Will Be On Sale

Every year, there’s something almost everyone looks forward to, regardless of religion, parenting status, culture, and just about any other factor that generally divides our interests. The one thing everyone can enjoy, freely, is Girl Scout cookie sale season and the biggest argument anyone could get into is over which cookie flavor is the best (it’s thin mints, BTW). So get out your checkbook and stretchy sweatpants because you’re about to find out the answer to the question I know is running through your mind right now: When are Girl Scout cookies on sale? Because you've been waiting all year.

If you’re concerned you already missed cookie sales or you’re bummed about a waiting period, you can breathe a sigh of relief because Girl Scout cookies are on sale across the nation during a pretty wide window, from January through April, but the exact timing varies by location. If they're not offered from your local troop just yet, you can bet that they’re just on the horizon and you'll soon find a location near you with a troop set up to sell (if someone hasn’t already rung your doorbell). And for those locations that are already taking orders, you'll want to act fast.

If you're ready to drop some serious cash on your favorite flavors now, you’ll want to sift through some of the popular locations below to find out when your favorite cookies will be up for grabs. And if you don't spot your location, you can get even more details here. Keep in mind that each individual troop could sell at a different time in your location, so reach out to your Girl Scout council for the specifics, but it doesn't hurt to mark these dates on your cal in the meantime.


For those in the Atlanta area, the Greater Atlanta Girl Scout cookie sales are underway. And the soonest available date at a physical booth location to find your favorite Girl Scout cookies is February 9, which is right around the corner!


If you’re in the big, bustling city of Austin, I’m sure you can pretty much taste the cookies now because sales started on January 20. Booth locations are available for much of the Central Texas area, too. Check out a list of locations to see where you can go get your cookie on.


In Eastern Massachusetts, Girl Scout cookie sales have already begun — with sales lasting in some areas until March 17. And if you want to find a booth location near you, reach out to a Girl Scout you know or check out listings here.


In the windy city of Chicago, February 16 is the first booth available to you. See where you can go to get your order in with this search feature.


If you’re in Dallas, you can easily just find the location closest to you to make your order asap because cookie sales are in full force now, with more troops opening up their buying window in the coming weeks.


For those in the Denver area, you only have to wait a couple more weeks to get your cookie high. The Girl Scouts of Colorado begin sales on February 4, and you can find a full list of locations right here.


The Houston area cookie sales are up for grabs, and the Girl Scout website lists cookie sales location dates available as early as February 23. Start picking your favorites now, and you can check out booth locations with this list to grab your favorite box that way too.

Kansas City

If you’re in the Midwest, many of the troops from the Girl Scouts of Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri started sales. Booth sales are listed on the site as beginning Feb. 15. Remember to check out local troops around you because sales dates can vary by troop.

Las Vegas

The Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada start booth sales at locations near Las Vegas on February 23, and their sales are well underway already. To map out your route to Girl Scout cookies, check out locations here.

Los Angeles

For those in LA, January 30 is when cookie sales start. Or you can plan to pick out your cookies at a booth on February 10. You can find the closest locations to your home or office here.


The cookie sales are on fire in Miami because they’ve already begun. To find locations near you to pick out your favorite treats, check out this list.


Sales have begun in the city of Nashville, and I'm sure that's music to your ears. Reach out to local troops to put in an order. Or on February 4, you can expect booths of Girl Scout cookie sales to pop up around you. Check out where to go for your desired box of cookies here.

New York

For cookie-lovers who reside in New York, your wait is over because Girl Scout cookie sales are already underway. Even better, on February 3 you can take a taxi, subway, or perhaps even walk to a location selling cookies near you.


Girl Scout cookie sales are in full force in Philadelphia. And before the end of January, Philadelphia will have even more cookie wishes come true, because on January 25, the first booth location will be open for business. Find locations near you here.


On January 22, the floodgates open for Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council to start selling cookies. Brace yourself, get your order ready, and find a location near you here.


Girl Scout cookie sales are open in Portland and the first booth location available is listed as February 16. Although I appreciate Portland for staying unique, there’s nothing odd about loving Girl Scout cookies — and I’m assuming you’re OK with that. Find locations and dates near you here.

San Diego

Girl Scout cookie season starts in the San Diego area on January 28, and if you want to find a booth location near you, check out dates here.

St. Louis

Lucky for St. Louis, Girl Scout cookie sales are open right now, and the next booth location is available on February 16. Map out your location with this list.

Washington D.C.

Girl Scout cookies are on sale in Washington D.C., but if you want to check out a booth near you, you’ll have to wait until Feb. 16. Look through the list here for full details on dates and locations.

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