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Amy Schumer Tied The Knot Just In Time For Valentine's Day

It must feel pretty good to surprise the whole country. On Monday, Oct. 22 one actress did that for the second time this year with the announcement of her pregnancy. And since everyone is talking about how she’s expecting her first baby with her husband, it may just leave you asking: When did Amy Schumer get married?

The I Feel Pretty star came out with the baby news in a very unconventional way. Monday morning she asked fans to follow journalist Jessica Yellin’s Instagram page, saying “She agreed to post a lil noise today for me!” Soon after, Yellin posted a list to her Instagram stories of the candidates Schumer is recommending in the 2018 midterm election. Most of the list came as no surprise with candidates like Beto O’Rourke (TX) and Jacky Rosen (NV). At the very bottom of the list is a very big surprise, however, the simple notation “I’m pregnant – Amy Schumer”. Talk about a flair for understatement. I guess she’d know who really read her list though!

But this isn’t the first time in 2018 the actress and comedian has dropped a bomb through social media. Back in February she and her fiancé, Chris Fischer, quietly married in a low-key Malibu wedding ceremony one day before Valentine's Day, according to People. She posted photos from the event to her Instagram account. It wasn’t an elopement, but was pretty spontaneous. Fischer popped the question while the two were in bed, after he woke her up and presented her with the ring, People reported.

Good Morning America reported that Schumer took three or four days to plan the details of a wedding before the couple simply sent texts to friends and family saying, “I’m getting married on Tuesday. I hope you can come.” Schumer’s stylist Leesa Evans, told People that she received a text and call the morning after the engagement and within no time at all the two were trying on dresses. The one Schumer decided on was a Monique Lhuilier lace gown that was the first she tried on, the magazine reported.

Clearly for Schumer it wasn’t just about the wedding, and the actress couldn’t be happier with marriage. Though she admitted to Oprah that that was a surprise for her. In an interview, she told the host that she had always “[T]hought the concept of marriage was weird. Like why do you want to involve the government in love?” But when she met Fischer “I wanted to sign all available paperwork to commit to this man.”

And Schumer isn’t the only one who knows how deep her feelings for her husband run. She told Oprah that her sister commented on it during the wedding toast, telling Fischer “[Amy] carries you with her. It’s a new calm in her, she’s more dropped in and just happy and peaceful.”

But none of that has quelled any of the comedian’s trademark humor. Two months into her new marriage she appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan, according to People, telling the hosts that marrying a chef is the most brilliant decision she ever made. “What a good idea to marry a chef. I’m sorry, it’s the best.” Four months later the actress took to Instagram again, this time to mix her anniversary love for her new husband with some comedy gold. “Married 6 months today. I love you more every day. sorry my fart woke us up this morning 🙋🏼👩🏾‍🌾,” she captioned a photo with their dog.

So with all the recent exciting moments I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise that Schumer took to Instagram for today’s baby news as well. I can’t wait to see what she does for the next baby-related announcement.