Here Are The Details On Aspyn's Wedding From 'Sister Wives'

Season 13 of Sister Wives finds more of the Brown kids growing up and leaving the nest, and among them is Aspyn, the eldest daughter of Cody and Christine. She's the third kid to tie the knot so far, and viewers watching her nuptials play out on the show may be wondering when Aspyn got married. According to People, she and her husband Mitch Thompson made it official on Jun. 17, 2018. The summer wedding was held in Sandy, Utah, at a chateau-style restaurant called La Caille, the magazine exclusively confirmed.

"It’s beautiful on its own, so we didn’t have to do much," Aspyn told People of the venue they chose. "There’s flowers, a beautiful view and a pond. We didn’t have to do much for décor because the venue is already great on its own. It takes away from us having to worry about a lot of details and allows us and our families to just enjoy it."

They welcomed 400 guests at the reception held inside the restaurant's greenhouse, while the ceremony, which was held outdoors before a mountain backdrop, was kept slightly more intimate at just 120 people. Deciding to forego a full wedding party, Aspyn and Mitch recruited his ten nieces to serve as flower girls, along with Aspyn's younger sister Ariella. Aspyn's other sister Truely stood up as a page.

Mitch, who works as a carpenter, built the arch that the couple got married under, according to Us Weekly, and they also infused a ton of his Scottish heritage into the ceremony. In a clip from the show, seen below, Mitch and Aspyn gifted Kody a kilt to wear to the ceremony, while Mitch's mom handmade fascinators for all the sister wives to wear. Both of their families were clearly super excited for the couple.

With his kilt, Mitch donned the colors of the area in Scotland where his family was from, and Aspyn's bouquet was wrapped in a piece of the same tartan cloth. The couple also did a traditional celtic hand-fasting as part of their ceremony using a matching piece of fabric. "I really liked the hand-fasting ceremony that [officiant] Nathan put on for us," Mitch said in a clip from the wedding, above. "I've got Scottish heritage, so it means a lot to me."

The couple didn't exchange rings, according to People, since they'd already been wearing them prior to the wedding. But they did write their own vows to share. And as you've probably guessed by this point, Aspyn and Mitch chose Scotland for their honeymoon destination.

As for what kind of family Aspyn and Mitch are planning on starting, it sounds like they're opting for a more traditional path than Aspyn's high-profile polygamist family. "I would never force her to become a polygamist," Mitch said in the Sister Wives Season 13 trailer. "I don't know that I would necessarily go out and seek other women."

You can see more from the wedding when Sister Wives airs Sunday nights on TLC.