Here's When You Can Expect Baby's First Laugh

There are several early milestones that most parents anxiously await — the first time their baby rolls over, sits up, or simply makes eye contact are all high on a new mom or dad's list. But there's nothing quite like a baby's first laugh to make a parent fall in love all over again. Because, let's be honest, a giggling baby is quite possibly the cutest thing ever. To make sure you have your camera on standby, you may be wondering when do babies learn to giggle. If you're as anxious as I was to hear my baby's first chuckles, the good news is you won't have to wait long.

Your baby has been experimenting with different sounds almost since birth. From grunts, to chortles, to little squeaks, your little one is slowly mastering the use of their voice box and will soon let out giggles and even full belly laughs that will have you trying to make them laugh over and over again.

According to What To Expect, your baby's first laugh is likely to happen sometime between 3 to 4 months. And when it does, you won't be able to get enough of it. It could be inspired by something as simple as seeing a toy or a familiar face they love, a little tickle on their toes, or by one of those dozens of silly faces you've been making to inspire said laugh. Of course, like all milestones, all babies learn to laugh at different ages. So don't get frustrated if it takes your little one some time to laugh.

Although it can be hard to predict when exactly you'll hear that little giggle from your baby for the first time, there are a few "pro-tips" you can experiment with to try coaxing a laugh out of them. Parents noted that babies are most likely to find auditory and tactile things humorous. Try making silly lip popping noise, tickling their toes, blowing lightly on them, using a squeaky voice, or blowing raspberries on their tummy.

Don't fret if your baby isn't meeting the "timeline" for their first laugh. Healthline noted that some babies are more serious and won't laugh as early or as frequently, while others seem to have a sense of humor right at the 3 month mark. Just like rolling over or crawling, some babies are early learners and some take a bit more time. While you're waiting for that first laugh, enjoy their little smirks and giant grins, knowing that each milestone will happen in its own time.