A New Royal Joins The Family In 'A Christmas Prince 3'

When A Christmas Prince premiered on Netflix in 2017, viewers were delighted by its silliness and romance. Holiday movies are becoming increasingly popular, and this one is no exception. The sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, followed in 2019, but the story isn't over yet. Fans who are eagerly awaiting the third installment will need to know: when does A Christmas Prince 3 premiere?

The Christmas Prince movies follow the courtship and eventual marriage of American journalist Amber Moore and Prince Richard of Aldovia (which I assume is located somewhere near Genovia). There are mistaken identities, secret plots, political intrigue, and royal finery as far as the eye can see. Amber and Richard tied the knot at the end of the second movie, and now the third will see them take the next step in their relationship.

On Mar. 11, Netflix decided to drop "some personal news" on Twitter: an announcement for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. A photo of a sonogram was set against a snowy backdrop, accompanied by the words "Baby Makes 3." The fetus in question, soon to be heir to the Aldovian throne, was already wearing a crown. That makes me fear for Amber's delivery, which will be occurring sometime during "this holiday season." Netflix didn't get more specific than that.

While the due date (badum tish) of the new movie is still unknown, it isn't too difficult to speculate about when its premiere will be. A Christmas Prince first made friends with your Netflix queue on Nov. 17, while its sequel debuted on Nov. 30. If Netflix sticks to the established pattern, then you can likely expect A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby to arrive sometime in November 2019. That gives you plenty of time to enjoy it in the lead-up to Christmas; in fact, you could watch it every day for 25 days straight if you wanted.

But it also means the movie is more than a few months away. You'll have to while the long summer hours without an Aldovian update, but counting down the days until the next Christmas Prince is a good way to pass the time. These movies were designed to be perfect for Christmas, so you'll definitely be getting your next dose before the holiday season truly begins.

E! News had some details about the plot of A Christmas Prince 3, though unfortunately there still isn't a concrete release date to pencil into your calendar. According to them, Netflix's description of the movie is as follows:

It's Christmastime in Aldovia — and a royal baby is on the way! Amber and Richard host royals from a faraway kingdom to renew an ancient truce, but when the priceless 600-year-old-treaty disappears, peace is put in jeopardy and an ancient curse threatens their family!

It looks like decorating the nursery won't be the only thing keeping Amber and Richard busy in the next movie. The introduction of a family curse adds a new, soap-operatic twist to the proceedings, but hopefully it's nothing a little diplomacy can't fix.

There are still seven or so months before A Christmas Prince 3 makes its way to your queue. By the time you're ready for a little Christmas magic, it'll be there to entertain you.