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Here's When Baby Will Be Rolling In The Deep

You may be eager for your baby to be on the move, and to be on the move fast. Because even though you love to hold your little one, you're also eager to explore with your baby and watch them roll, crawl, and walk on their own. You've seen your baby smile and watched them recognize your voice, now you're questioning when does baby learn to roll and what can you expect?

As you watch your baby develop their upper body strength, you can start watching for clues that they are ready to roll for the first time. But you can give them a jump start on the rolling process. According to What to Expect, it's important to give tummy time for your baby to strengthen their back, neck, and arms for rolling.

It may be time to pick up on the hints your baby is giving you to tell you that they are ready to reach their next milestone in life. According to Parents, you could witness your baby's first roll as early as 3 to 4 months of age. Although that may be a bit early for your baby, you will likely see your baby master their roll by 6 or 7 months of age, as further explained by Parents. Either scenario is perfectly normal for baby.

If you can't wait for your baby to get started on their own, you can encourage your baby to roll over by playing with them, as noted by Baby Center. Try doing this with noises and toys on either side of your baby and see if they respond by rolling to each side.

Once your baby rolls over for the first time, they'll be constantly on the move. Don't make the mistake of undermining their abilities, babies can move incredibly fast just by rolling over, as noted by Livestrong.

Before they're constantly on the go soon, make sure to cherish the time you have left with the amazing moments of the early months of your baby's life. Soon enough you'll be chasing after them to keep up with your baby's crawls and walks, as WebMD noted. There are many milestones left to come.