Craig Sjodin/ABC

'Bachelor In Paradise's Season 4 Premiere Will Be Later Than Expected

by Megan Walsh

For a while, it seemed like there might not be any Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Production was halted and the show seemingly cancelled after sexual misconduct allegations arose on set. But an investigation launched by Warner Brothers determined that there was no misconduct after all. While everyone involved in the situation may not agree with that (Corinne Olympios' legal team is still looking into what happened), the official word has been given. The show is back on. But when does Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 premiere?

UPDATE: Bachelor in Paradise has since revealed that it is set to air its two-night Season 4 premiere on Monday August 14 and Tuesday August 15.

EARLIER: The delays in filming will likely result in the premiere being pushed back a little. The show resumed filming in late June and shoots for two or three weeks, which means it should be finished by mid July. While Bachelor in Paradise traditionally premieres shortly after the final episode of The Bachelorette, this year there may be more than a week between the finale of one show and the premiere of another. Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 was originally set to premiere on Aug. 8, but now it looks like BIP may make its debut in late August so that there's enough time for post-production. An exact date hasn't been released, so all anyone can really do is guess.

Bachelor in Paradise will use footage from before the halt in filming, though presumably little of it will be of Corinne or DeMario Jackson, neither of whom are returning. But it doesn't seem like Bachelor in Paradise will totally ignore the controversy when it returns. According to Entertainment Weekly, a source claimed the show would address what happened when it premieres: "They're real people with real feelings, so we're not going to do anything that is egregious or hurtful, but we'll certainly address the fact that the principal cast had to be sent home and come back."

New rules have been instituted to prevent the same situation from happening again, like a two drink per hour limit. But that's not all. TMZ has reported that if two contestants want to have sex, they both have to discuss it with a producer first and make it clear that they consent. If it seems like one of them is unable to give consent, then they would not get permission to go to "The Boom Boom Room."

The allegations have clearly resulted in changes that will alter the show going forward. While it may sound like Bachelor in Paradise is trying to pick up where it left off, that might not be possible.