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If You're A 'Bachelor In Paradise' Fan Start Your Love Engines

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WithThe Bachelorette in full swing, it's natural to start thinking about Bachelor in Paradise, where hearts break at a rapid pace, tears flow freely, and every embarrassing thing a contestant has ever done is joyfully exploited. There's nothing like it. A few previous seasons have had couples go on to marry and have kids, while the rest enjoyed their time for the season (except you, Chad). Hannah will wrap up her journey to find Mr. Right on The Bachelorette soon, so when does Bachelor in Paradise start filming?

If you look back to previous seasons, you know the show will be on air mid to late summer, but when, exactly? The official Twitter account for the show finally gave a premiere date, so set your DVR's to Mon., July 29. This time around, the date is earlier than Season 5's Aug. 7, 2018 date, and Season 4's Aug. 14 date. Both of those seasons lasted just over a month, and filming looks to have taken about the same amount of time to wrap up. In fact, PopSugar reported Season 6 began filming in June of last year, and wrapped by the end of the same month. All that to say, If Bachelor in Paradise plans to be TV-ready by July 29, filming will probably run along the same time frame in June as in previous seasons. It leaves just enough room for your heart to recover from the "most dramatic season ever" of The Bachelorette, and tide you over on Bach content until next season of The Bachelor is ready to go.

Now that you know the when, you probably want to know the who. At this point, no one has been confirmed though of course the rumors are already swirling. Last season the cast wasn't made public until sometime in June or the beginning of July — a month before the air date — so it could be awhile before you know if your favorites will walk along the sandy beaches of Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita, Mexico to have their hearts broken and mended (and broken and mended, etc.).

If you can't wait that long just wait. Chris Harrison, is known for asking a few contestants on the After the Final Rose live finale to join the cast, so don't discount anyone at this point.

There are quite a few names I hope to see at that resort — a few that deserve a second chance at finding love, and a few that are pure entertainment value. Like, if season "villain," Demi, isn't part of the show, does the show even exist? Other fan faves who could be joingint eh cast include Hannah G., Katie, Tayshia, and Caelynn — all from Colton's season. As for the men currently "competing" for Hannah's love, it's a little too soon to know who among them will get over their breakup with Hannah by making new "friends" in Paradise.

If filming is set to begin in June or early July, it's almost that time. All is fair in TV love and Bachelor mansion war, am I right?

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