Kelsey McNeal/ABC

'Black-ish' Needs To Return ASAP!

As summer approaches, so does the end of some of our favorite shows. Though there are plenty of summer shows out there, most of our primetime favorites take their hiatuses during the summer season, leaving us to wonder when they'll be back on the air. This week Black-ish fans will have to say goodbye to their favorite family, at least for now. So when does Black-ish return for Season 4? Unfortunately, the show hasn't actually been renewed for a fourth season yet, but don't worry — there's definitely a good reason to believe it will be.

Though the show itself has yet to be renewed, show creator Kenya Barris recently signed a four-year overall deal with ABC Studios. According to Deadline, the deal is with Barris and his production company Khalabo Ink Society. It states that Barris will continue on as the executive producer for Black-ish and will continue to develop new projects for the network. Those new shows include a Black-ish spinoff starring Yara Shahidi who plays the eldest Johnson child, Zoey.

Therefore, even though it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, it seems fair to assume there will be a Season 4 of Black-ish, but when will it begin? Obviously since the show hasn't been renewed there's no release date just yet, but based on when the show has premiered in the past, one can guess the fourth season will premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 20 — or at least some time in mid-to-late September.

However, before jumping into the next season, Season 3 must come to an end. On Wednesday night, the birth of Dre and Bow's fifth kid will finally go down and of course it won't be simple. As the promo indicates, the doctors will have to induce Bow's labor and it looks like she may face complications. However, it looks like all will end well for the Johnson family and DeVante Matthew will come into the world just fine. At least, we surely hope so.

Besides the birth of the latest Johnson kid, it'll be interesting to see where Zoey's storyline ends since she's getting a spinoff. Now that she's in college, the finale will probably conclude with her ending up back there, focusing on this next stage in her life. Whatever the case is, as long as the finale includes the same level of love and hilarity as all episodes that have come before it, fans will definitely love it.

Tune in for the Black-ish Season 3 finale on Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.