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Clay's Tape Is Still MIA On '13 Reasons Why'

(Warning: this post contains spoilers from Episode 6.) Throughout 13 Reasons Why, Clay Jensen listens to the numerous cassette tapes that his classmate Hannah Baker left behind before she committed suicide. Because he was given the tapes, Clay knows that means he's on them. However, with each passing episode and each passing tape, viewers (and Clay) are probably beginning to wonder when does Clay listen to his tape on 13 Reasons Why? I mean, we know it's going to happen... but when?

More than halfway through the season, Clay still hasn't reached his own tape, which just proves how many people already know about the tapes and what's on them — the content of which seems to be getting more and more dark. The tapes began with Justin, who allowed people to think he and Hannah had sex when all they did was kiss. (In fact, it was Hannah's very first kiss.)

Then there was Jessica, who abandoned Hannah because of a "hot or not" list that led her to believe Hannah had hooked-up with her boyfriend, Alex. Speaking of Alex, he was also featured on the tapes because of the list; photographer Tyler made the list because he stalked Hannah; "perfect girl" Courtney got her own tape because of the lies she spread about Hannah; and then there was Marcus who thought Hannah was "easy" and tried to hook-up with her to impress his friends.

While viewers may want to believe Clay's a good guy, and there's no way what he did compares to the others on the tapes, one can't help but wonder what he did to earn a spot amongst all the others. It doesn't bode well for Clay that's he's amongst this group, however, if you read the book by Jay Asher, upon which the show is based, you know why Clay was picked. Warning: book spoilers ahead!

The truth is Clay is actually the good guy the show wants us to believe he is. At least, he was in the books. Clay comes in on Tape 5 side A, making him number nine (since each tape has two sides). It's unclear why he gets this specific spot since Hannah makes it clear he had nothing to do with Hannah's suicide. In fact, she says he was a really good guy and reveals that Clay did finally confess his feelings to her and they kissed, which is just about the only good thing that happens on the tapes.

From there, as you can imagine, it's only downhill until it's finally revealed what, or rather who, was the last straw that finalized Hannah's decision to end her life. Viewers will just have to keep watching to find out who that was.