'Counting On' Season 8 Is Ending Tonight — But Will There Be A Season 9?

Season 8 of Counting On has been an exciting one, for sure. Fans of the Duggar family got to see them announce pregnancies, engagements, have sex reveals, and even put together a wedding over the past 10 episodes of the reality show. But it's all coming to an end on Monday night when the two-hour finale of Season 8 airs. As such, people might be wondering if and when Counting On Season 9 will premiere.

Well, it might be a while before the show comes back to TLC. As previously stated, a lot has happened on this past season, which means a lot is going to happen on the two-hour finale. For instance, according to a preview, fans will be able to watch Josiah Duggar marry his then-fiancé, Lauren Swanson, and it will be full of "never before seen" moments involving the Duggar family.

On previous episodes from this season of Counting On, fans have been able to watch Joseph Duggar and wife, Kendra, welcome their baby boy into the world and see Jinger Duggar and husband, Jeremy Vuolo find out (and announce) the sex of their baby, according to the Ashley's Reality Roundup. And these things only happened in just a handful of episodes during the season.

But it's unclear when fans will be able to see the show return to their TV screens. Unfortunately, there has been no set date or announcement for the next season of Counting On and fans will have to stay tuned to the show's Facebook page for the announcement. But given how much stuff is always happening in the lives of the members of the Duggar family, it won't take long for a new season to air.

It could take a few short months for TLC to announce a new season of the show. After the Season 7 finale aired at the end of March, it only took four months for Season 8 to air in July. And when the finale of Season 6 aired in October, it only took four months for the next season to premiere in February.

Because the Duggar family is pretty intent on updating their fans about major milestones as they're happening through their social media accounts, fans are pretty aware that the majority of these events happened earlier in the summer (for instance, Kendra gave birth in June, according to E! News). And because so many things happened in the family at once, it makes sense why there might not be another season of Counting On just yet — they have to wait for more things to happen.

But Season 8 of Counting On hasn't covered everything that's happened in the lives of the Duggars. This season of Counting On only documented Jinger's pregnancy — and did not show her giving birth, even though she gave birth to her daughter, Felicity, in mid-July, according to E! News.

This season of Counting On also failed to cover John-David Duggar's courtship with now-fiancé, Abbie Grace Burnett (although a preview for the finale hints that viewers will be introduced to the couple before Season 8 ends).

Considering that Jinger's labor and John-David's relationship (and wedding, which is happening soon) are two major life events that fans will want to see play out on camera, it's pretty much guaranteed that Season 9 of Counting On will cover these things.

Of course, there doesn't need to be a major life events going on in the Duggar family for Counting On to exist. The show has done a great job at following around Jessa Duggar and husband, Ben Seewald, as they navigate being the parents of two young boys. So, the show can definitely do the same for Joseph and Kendra and Jinger and her husband. But, given how much goes on in the Duggar family, there is plenty of time for new pregnancies and courtships to be announced.

But solely based on when previous season have aired, fans can probably "count on" a new season of Counting On to premiere in February or sometime next year.