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Will 'Famous In Love' Be Back For Season 3?

by Megan Walsh

The Season 2 finale of Famous in Love is just around the corner, bringing a conclusion to all of the messy drama that has kept the characters busy for the past nine episodes. The synopsis of the final episode promises that their futures will remain in flux, but it's not just them. The the future of the show is a big question mark, too, which may have fans wondering: when does Famous in Love Season 3 premiere?

UPDATE: On June 26, it was announced that Famous In Love will not return for a third season, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and that the Freeform series had been cancelled after two seasons.

EARLIER: It's unclear when the show will be back, or even if it will be back at all. Freeform has yet to announce its renewal, so it's possible that viewers might not ever find out if Paige chooses between Rainer and Jake after all. However, if the show does return for Season 3, then it isn't too difficult to guess when the premiere might be. The first two seasons both debuted in April, so if there is another season, then odds are it will be here in the springtime of 2019.

But, don't get too excited. As previously mentioned, there has yet to be any official word from the network or cast, but the site TV Series Finale speculated that declining viewership could result in the show's cancellation. Freeform isn't usually quick to cancel, but since Famous in Love's ratings went down instead of up for Season 2, it might be the end regardless.

In "The Good, The Bad and The Crazy," Paige is still reeling from the events of the last few weeks — which is understandable, because she's been through a lot. She set off on a whirlwind press tour just hours after kicking her surprising stalker through a wooden railing in her brand new house, so she's got trauma to sift through on top of the relationship troubles that only seem to be getting more complicated. She recently cheated on Jake with her high school boyfriend, and he shared a kiss with his movie's starlet, Billy.

It doesn't look like Paige and Jake will make it to Season 3 if the show gets renewed, which might be a good thing. Star Bella Thorne spoke to TV Guide about Paige's decision to be with Jake, and how her life took a tough turn once they got together. Thorne said:

So as far as the person that she picks, she gets a lot of hate for it, so it kind of starts to ruin her life. Then by the end of the season, you're wondering what's going to happen with her because she kind hates what her life is turning into.

Rainer's relationship with Harper isn't any steadier, especially now that they're getting into business together. But perhaps no one's in as fraught a situation as Jordan, whose past is coming back to sabotage his future. He could be facing a trial for killing his mother's boyfriend in self-defense as a teenager, so he'll definitely have to skip out on the Oscars if he's in prison.

No, the drama doesn't end there. Cassie is on the precipice of cinematic success even as her bond with her boyfriend crumbles, and Alexis is sliding back into addiction with no one around to help her. Tangey usually has it together, but the Season 2 finale promo indicates things with Pablo are about to take a violent turn.

The first season of Famous in Love ended with a major cliffhanger and, quite frankly, the same may be true of Season 2. If that's the case, then viewers will have to hope their countless questions will be answered in a third season, if there is a third season. But, the show isn't gone yet -- fans just have to wait a little longer to find out whether it will be back next spring or not.