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If Luke P. Makes It Past Fantasy Suites On 'The Bachelorette' I'm Out

From the start, Hannah's bucked Bachelor Nation tradition in exchange for her own journey and no amount of Luke's BS can interfere. As her season winds down, it's clear that Hannah sees something in Luke — despite the fact that he's red flag central. But it has to come to an end at some point, so when does Hannah eliminate Luke P.? Will it ever happen? Like, ever? Here's what I think.

I won't spoil the actual ending to Hannah's journey (those answers can be found with a Google search), but boy, do I have opinions. For one thing, it says a lot when Luke P.'s own family isn't sure how he's made it this far. Hannah decided to keep all four guys for the Fantasy Suites (it just isn't done), and viewers collectively rolled their eyes.

That said, I do think Hannah will send Luke home on the night of the Fantasy Suites, before they get the chance to "see what happens" behind closed doors. Promos reveal Luke sticks both feet in his mouth when he questions Hannah's sexual experiences with other contestants in the most demeaning, shaming kind of way. The same clips show Hannah basically saying, "hello no, boy," and sending him home while flipping him the bird. This, in case you were wondering, is the correct response to a guy trying to shame you for having sex.

To understand why I think Luke P. will implode on the next episode, take a look back at his antics throughout the season. He first met Hannah during After the Final Rose with four others, and made a good enough impression that she remembered him on premiere night. He came in growling like an animal, claiming to be the King to Hannah's Queen in "the jungle." It was cute, but little did fans know what chaos would develop after.

Soon things took a drastic turn. Luke became public enemy number one as he repeatedly used his time with Hannah to undermine the other men, positioning himself as the only one worthy of her heart. Hannah never denied that Luke had some less-than-stellar moments, but she continued to give him second chances throughout the whole season. She forgave him even after he questioned her choice to bungee jump naked with Garrett. But if you ask me, Luke's luck has finally run out and my opinion is, he won't get to the end, the Fantasy Suite, or even past dinner. Boy, bye.

I'm sure there are plenty of Luke P. fans in the world that hope he doesn't get eliminated, but I'm not one of them. Sure, his hometown date showed Hannah a very different side of him in faith, with those who think the world of him, but I'm not buying it. There's always the chance his portrayal has been edited to make it look like he's the villain when in actuality, he's a great guy. Regardless, Luke P.'s about to get kicked off the Hannah train faster than he can say "the marital bed."