Jack Rowand/The CW

Fans Are Already Hungry For 'iZombie' Season 5

by Zakiya Jamal

With the fourth season of iZombie coming to an end fans of the series are already looking to the future. Thankfully, fans don't have to worry about whether or not this season finale will double as a series finale because the show has already been renewed for Season 5. The only question that remains is when does iZombie Season 5 premiere?

Just like most of the series' past seasons (excluding Season 2), iZombie won't premiere until the midseason, which means after the finale you won't get new episodes of iZombie until 2019. To make matters worse, it's also been confirmed that Season 5 will be iZombie's final season. Thus, it's time to start preparing your goodbyes to Liv and the rest of the iZombie characters.

Although it doesn't fall in line with the CW's "Arrowverse" programming, iZombie is actually also based on a DC Comic of the same name. While the show doesn't stick closely to book (most book-to-TV adaptations don't), the main premise is the same. Liv, a medical resident, is turned into a zombie when she attends a party that turns into a zombie feed frenzy. Despite now being one of the living dead, Liv was determined to continue to live as a regular human, and to avoid her compulsion to eat fresh human brains, she took a job at a coroner's office.

However, Liv then learned that by eating the brains of the deceased she absorbed their memories (and personalities), and decided to use her "gift" to assist a detective solve their murders. Over the course of the past four seasons, the show has since evolved a lot with all of Liv's friends now knowing her secret and Seattle, now New Settle, being overrun by zombies. Yeah, this show took a turn.

With the zombie led company, Fillmore-Graves, now in control of the city and operating under martial law, Liv has found herself in a bit of trouble. She's been helping the Renegades smuggle humans into and out of the city, which is forbidden. Now she and her latest love interest, Levon, are in danger of being executed by Fillmore-Graves. In the preview, the couple are seen tied up and Fillmore-Graves special zombie guillotine is waiting to crush their heads.

Thankfully, Liv's friends are already on the case, trying to figure out how they can save Liv (and presumably Levon as well), before it's too late. Since there'll definitely be another of the season of the show and Liv is the main character it seems quite unlikely that she'll actually die (again) in the season finale. Still, it's hard to guess what exactly will happen. Even if Liv and Levon are saved, where will they go from there?

In the previous episode, Liv refused to be kidnapped by Major and taken to Oregon for her safety, so unless Liv has changed her mind about fleeing New Seattle, she and her friends will still have to figure out a way to take down Fillmore-Graves. However, do they really have the man power to do that? It's hard to say. There's obviously unrest in New Seattle and Liv and Levon have all the Renegades on their side, but will that be enough?

Fans will just have to tune into the finale to find out. Hopefully, everyone will survive the finale in one piece, but it wouldn't be surprising if more zombies were made before the season finale came to an end. You can learn Liv and Levon's fate when the iZombie season finale airs on Monday at 9 p.m. EST on the CW. You won't want to miss it!