'Little People, Big World' Is Returning To TLC For Season 13 Sooner Than You Think

The wait is almost over! Fans of Little People, Big World will be excited to learn that the Roloff family will soon return to TLC with brand-new episodes. And so much has happened with the family since Season 12 ended, it's ridiculous. Zach and Tori Roloff are getting used to new parenthood, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff now have a baby girl, and Jacob Roloff is engaged. So when does Little People, Big World return? Season 13 is just around the corner.

As Us Weekly reported, the new season of the TLC series will kick off on Tuesday, April 3. Fans can expect to pick right back up where Season 12 left off in July. So let's take a look at what Season 13 has in store for us, shall we? If you remember, Zach and Tori welcomed their first child together on May 12, People reported. Little Jackson made his TLC debut during Season 12, and will be returning for Season 13 in April, In Touch Weekly reported.

Baby Jackson has the same form of dwarfism as his father Zach — achondroplasia, People reported. Even though Tori is average size, the couple knew before they conceived that their child would have a 50 percent chance of having achondroplasia. Jackson was actually diagnosed during a 34-week ultrasound; however, Zach and Tori waited until after his birth to publicly confirm this.

We knew our chances of having a dwarf, but it didn’t matter,” Tori told People. “We just knew we wanted to be parents, however God wanted it to happen.”

Zach's twin brother, Jeremey — who is of average size — also welcomed his first child in 2017. His wife, Audrey, gave birth to a baby girl named Ember in September, Entertainment Tonight reported. And fans will likely be stoked to learn they will be able to follow the couple's journey to parenthood.

As Us Weekly reported, new episodes will feature Audrey preparing her pain-medication-free birth plan, and Jeremy preparing their home for a little one. Additionally, there will be a two-hour episode chronicling the birth of baby Ember.

To tide fans over until they finally "meet" Ember on Little People, Big World, Jeremy and Audrey shared an update on their baby girl when she turned 4 months old. Be prepared for some serious cuteness.

The youngest Roloff sibling, Jacob, has also experienced some pretty big life changes in the past few months. On Jan. 21, Jacob announced that he and his girlfriend, Isabel Rock are engaged, Us Weekly reported. The new season of Little People, Big World will also highlight their relationship.

As far as the now-divorced Matt and Amy Roloff are concerned, it seems their living arrangement could be changing. As Us Weekly teased, Matt could be moving off the family's farm — and away from his ex — for good. Side note: I wonder what's up with Molly Roloff? (Her Instagram account seems to be set to private.)

As with 17 (and then 18 and 19) Kids & Counting, I started watching Little People, Big World when the first season debuted on TLC. It's surreal to see these reality TV stars starting families of their own. (I mean, weren't Jeremy and Zach just teenagers playing soccer and learning how to drive, like, yesterday?) Granted, I stopped watching the Roloffs for several years because my own life got super busy — with college, marriage, three kids of my own, and working, it's hard to keep up with TV — but I'm so excited about this upcoming season.

Heck, I might even tune into the premiere of a brand new series following the Season 13 premiere of Little People, Big World. As Us Weekly reported, another TLC show called My Little Life — which follows five 20-something little people overcoming everyday struggles in their lives — will kick off at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday, April 3.

If this tired mama isn't able to say up that late, though, you can bet I'll at least tough it out from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. for the Roloffs.

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