I *Really* Can't Wait For 'Married At First Sight' Season 9

I've been watching Married At First Sight since Season 1 aired so many years ago, and since then it has come such a long way. Over its many seasons this show has consistently provided me new couples to root for. And now it's time for a new group of formerly singles. So when does Married At First Sight Season 9 premiere?

Get ready, because the new season premieres Wednesday, June 12 at 9 p.m. ET whether you've recovered from the way Luke treated Kate last season or not. The matchmaking special, in which the experts tell fans the reasons why they paired the couples, airs right before that at 8 p.m. ET. The show has moved south for the season from Philadelphia to Charlotte, North Carolina. Personally, I am excited about this location because I'm hoping the "southern gentleman" trope rings true no matter if the relationships work out or not.

Lifetime recently revealed the cast — so I have newlyweds to introduce you to. While I like to think I'd sign up for this if given the opportunity, I still believe marrying a stranger is the very definition of brave. So, I love learning why the singles signed up for the show and what their expectations of marriage are.

One participant with a particularly compelling reason for joining the show is Gregory. His strong belief in science, engineering, math and technology convinced him that the experts' matchmaking formula works. Add to that the stories of the show's successful couples (six in eight seasons now that Courtney and Jason are divorced) and it was enough for him to sign up. Meanwhile, his new wife Deonna was just trying to fill a void in her life — even though she has a great family and a successful career. That's so relatable, honestly.

One reason that's not so relatable to me is Matthew's. He's traveled so much as an international basketball player that he can't make a relationship work for too long. I am a towering 4"11. But, he's hoping that the experts found him a lady who likes to travel. Us Weekly said his bride describes herself as "bossy" and "sassy" but a hopeless romantic, so maybe that's enough to make it work.

Keith and Iris are united in their belief that divorce is not an option.

Keith comes from two generations of strong marriages in his family which reinforces that belief (plus Beyoncé and Jay-Z of course). As for Iris, her parents divorced when she was 3-years-old and she doesn't want to repeat history. No matter what motivates them to succeed, the couples who have success on their minds from the start are the easiest ones to become invested in. I'm already rooting for them.


Last but not least is Elizabeth and Jamie. Jamie says he is against "vapid dating" and the show will hopefully lead him to his perfect match. His wife Elizabeth looks up to her parents' 29-year marriage and really believes in true love. Us Weekly says she's a "free spirt" who generally goes with the flow in life. So, she seems like a perfect candidate for Married At First Sight.

I can't wait to learn if these couples are soul mates. Their journeys begin in June, but hopefully never end.