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When Does 'Roseanne' Come Back For Season 11?

Though we are sad to say goodbye to Roseanne after it's eleventh season (aka it's first revival season), the good news is that the show will be back for a twelfth before you know it! Season 11 of the hit sitcom ended on Tuesday, May 22, after nine amazing episodes. After massive ratings from the March 27 premiere, ABC quickly renewed Roseanne for another season -- with even more episodes! So, when does Roseanne come back for Season 11?

Unfortunately, for now, a date has not been set for Season 11. However, it's highly likely that Roseanne will stick with a mid-season premiere and return in early 2019. ABC has ordered 13 episodes for Season 11, as reported by TV Line, which means fans will get four more episodes than they did with Season 10. However, most sitcoms average about 20 episodes per season, so it makes sense that Roseanne would stick with it's mid-season slot. If the show is once again renewed and given a Season 13, and ABC decides to give it a full season order, then fans can definitely expect a fall premiere date. But, unfortunately, we have a while to go before we know anything about a potential Season 13!

The next question you are probably wondering is, will the whole case be back for Roseanne's Season 11? Well, hopefully you can handle more good news -- because the answer is yes! According to the TV Line report mentioned above, Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Lecy Goranson, Sara Gilbert, Michael Fishman, Laurie Metcalf and Sarah Chalke will be back for Season 11. How exciting is that? While we're thrilled to see the entire Conner family coming back for more, we also have to wonder: how will Chalke's character, Andrea, come back into play?

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As viewers of Roseanne's Season 10 know, Chalke's Andrea attempted to hire Goranson's Becky Conner to be her surrogate. Andrea needed Becky to also use one of her own eggs, but when they found out that it was highly unlikely she would even be able to get pregnant, Andrea moved on to find another candidate. This was devastating for Becky, not only because she was really looking forward to the money that Andrea was going to give her, but also because she realized that she would likely never be able to have her own children. Sadly, Andrea's departure has been pretty permanent throughout the rest of Season 10, so viewers will be curious to see how she comes back for Season 11. Could she have a change of heart? Could she turn to Becky to be a nanny/babysitter for her baby? There are so many possibilities!

Another guest star everyone will be wondering about is Johnny Galecki's David. David made a brief return in one episode of Roseanne's Season 10, a cameo that longtime fans of the show were super excited about. Unfortunately, during David's episode we learned that he and Darlene (Sara Gilbert), would be getting a divorce after two decades of a tumultuous marriage. As David's episode came to a close, he did make a very important promise to Darlene, Roseanne, and his children: that he would be around more. If David intends to keep his promise, hopefully that means we'll be seeing plenty more of him when Roseanne returns for Season 11! That is, of course, if The Big Bang Theory can spare Galecki for an episode or two.

Last but certainly not least, will Roseanne's youngest child, Jerry, make an appearance? And what about Aunt Jackie's (Laurie Metcalfe) son, Andy? With an extra four episodes, Roseanne has lots of room to fill in those plot holes for Season 11... if they want to!