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If You're Waiting For 'Sister Wives' Renewal News Don't Hold Your Breath Yet

Calling all Sister Wives fans — do you know everything there is to know about your fav TLC reality show? For 13 seasons, Kody Brown and his unconventional family have given viewers a look into the lives of, well, sister wives and the man who connects them. Since the latest season just ended with a few fireworks, viewers are itching to know when Sister Wives returns. While I can't give you all the details, here's what I know so far.

Seeing as Season 13 just finished, there's no answers as to whether the guilty pleasure reality TV show garnered the ratings it would need for a renewal — or if the family wants the film crew following them around for more of your entertainment pleasure. Also, the footage you're watching now wasn't filmed recently, but almost a year ago. So there's been some distance between what you see and what's happening with the Brown family as of now. Maybe they've settled into a more obscure, private life that suits them better than what's portrayed on TV.

After Season 11, talk of cancellation spread due to lower than expected ratings of 1.8 million viewers. Surely there are things to work out, even if renewed, such as salary negotiations, current scheduling, and ideal viewership time slots. All that taken into account means I still can't give you a solid answers as to when you'll get more Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn (say that three times fast).


The show is good at ending on a cliffhanger. In a recent episode, Kody revealed his interest in running for office. "If I go [to Utah], and run for office there, I could change the world or change our world," he said. "Listen, I might be suffering delusions of grandeur, [but] I wanted to go, I wanted to run for office and I wanted to get in control of my destiny. I’ve been exiled from a state that I think as many people love me as hate me."

The news of Kody's latest agenda didn't sit well with the sister wives. Meri, who appeared the least pleased during a recent episode, chimed in saying, "This is the first I’m hearing that he wants to run for office in Utah. That means we would have to move back to Utah. Since the whole political thing and the law change, I have no desire at all to go back to Utah."

Her sentiments are probably connected to the 2011 court case when the Browns sued the state of Utah after an anti-bigamy law passed. Their claim was that the law is unconstitutional, according to CNN. They won the case in 2013, but it was overturned through an appeal just last year. It's no wonder Meri's still salty about moving back to Utah. She spoke out to the Salt Lake Tribune after the appeal saying, "My concern is all this is going to do is drive the good polygamous people who don't have those abuses more into hiding, and it's going to make the people who do have those abuses just be able to do them even more."

Whether Sister Wives gets another season remains to be seen, just as it's unclear if Kody will actually run for office and schlep all 22 of his immediate family members to another state in support of his new dream. By the way tensions arose throughout Season 13, and the previously mentioned lowering viewership, I wouldn't place a firm bet on a Season 14 renewal. If it does return, you may be watching your newest politician at work.