'Stranger Things' Season 2 Has A Premiere Date

It looks like 2017 is about to get even stranger. Stranger Things took over the internet last year when the first season hit Netflix and fans have been anxiously awaiting the second season ever since. Well, now fans will at least be able to mark their calendars with the premiere date. So when does Stranger Things Season 2 premiere? The date and the first preview was shown during Super Bowl 51, and all I can say is, get ready.

The '80s inspired sci-fi show will be returning for its second season on Halloween this year, and I couldn't have chosen a better premiere date. So while others will be out at costume parties, I'll be home binging the new season and pretending I'm not home when kids come trick-or-treating. Sorry, not sorry.

Based on the first preview, it looks like the next season will be even crazier (and scarier) than the last. Spoiler alert, if you haven't yet binged the first season, but the first season of Stranger Things left off with Will returned from the Upside Down, except he was now puking up things he probably shouldn't. The season finale also saw the loss of Eleven, who sacrificed herself to get rid of the Demogorgon. Except, we saw Hopper leaving Eggos in a box at the end of the episode, which raised the question of whether or not Eleven is really gone for good. Most fans think not, and this first trailer also seems to confirm the idea that Eleven will be back sooner than we think. Check it out below:

The commercial began with an Eggo's commercial from the '80s, which already had me thinking Eleven must be back. Then we actually saw Eleven's face and so that was basically confirmation that she's totally fine, right? Right?! I'm just going to assume the best here, but expect the worst. Moving on, the trailer also showed our favorite guys: Will, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas. Will was still clearly dealing with whatever the Upside Down did to him, as he could now see very ominous clouds in the sky, which kind of looked like a huge spider.

Here's the official spot:

All signs point to Season 2 being even better than the first and filled with more twists and mysteries than I could ever hope to really understand. I can't wait to go back in time and revisit the '80s with this motley crew of characters. Is it Halloween yet?