Craig Sjodin/ABC

The Next 'Bachelor' Is Still Pretty Far Away

Bachelor Nation finally get to see Rachel Lindsay pick her man on Monday night's Bachelorette finale, which naturally always sparks immediate interest in The Bachelor. So when does The Bachelor 2018 premiere? Sadly for all you Bachelor superfans out there, but you'll be waiting for at least another half a year. Although nothing official has been announced yet.

Usually, The Bachelor premieres sometime in early January, if past seasons are any indication. ABC usually works on a pretty consistent schedule, rotating The Bachelor, Dancing With the Stars, and The Bachelorette. Oh, and of course Bachelor in Paradise which is my personal favorite of any of these shows. The Bachelor cannot begin filming until after Bachelor in Paradise, just in case the producers find a Bachelor among the jilted lovers in Paradise as they did last season with Nick Viall. Nick was not one of JoJo's final four guys, but he was so lovable in Paradise that he got the lead spot after three go-arounds in the franchise with no luck.

According to Entertainment Tonight, The Bachelor and Bachelorette host told the outlet that producers had not yet chosen the franchise's next Bachelor. "Nick [Viall] popped out of Paradise if you remember, we didn't see that coming," he said. "We weren't planning on it and then it happened. I think, lesson learned, we're going to wait and just watch it all play out." Does this mean my personal fave Wells Adams is still in the running?

It doesn't look like the cast for The Bachelor has been finalized, but it also doesn't look like there are any more casting calls this year. Once the lead and the cast has been selected, filming will begin in September while we're all watching Dancing With the Stars and waiting for our favorite "romantic" TV show to come back on the air.

While I am pretty hopeful that Peter will be the next Bachelor, the show has thrown us some curveballs in the past. The lead will probably not be announced until later in this summer, most likely after Paradise has wrapped up. When it does, there will only be a few short months until The Bachelor premieres, and I get to watch a whole new crop of women vie for the attentions of an attractive man with a singularly inoffensive personality. I just hope that this new Bachelor is as ruthless with cutting people loose as Nick was.