'The Boss Baby' Netflix Series Is A Must-See For All Kids

Fans of the Oscar-nominated film, The Boss Baby, couldn't be more excited for the new Dreamworks' TV series, The Boss Baby: Back in Business. But since the series is on Netflix, the entire first season is available for streaming starting on Friday, April 6, which means you'll probably get through it pretty quickly. So many of you may be wondering: when does The Boss Baby: Back in Business Season 2 premiere?

Unfortunately, the series hasn't been renewed for a second season yet, but that doesn't mean it won't be in the near future. If the series is as popular as the film, it'll surely bringing in high numbers for the streaming platform. Netflix has a longterm relationship with Dreamworks, the production company behind The Boss Baby, so it wouldn't be surprising to see the series continue, especially because a sequel to the film is already slated for spring 2021.

It's clear The Boss Baby is popular and definitely has franchise potential, like other big film franchises of Dreamworks, such as How to Train Your Dragon, which has spawned the TV series, Dragons: Race to the Edge, which is now on its sixth season, as well as another series and a short film. Thus, if The Boss Baby: Back in Business is a big hit, as many expect it to be, this could just be the beginning of a lot more Boss Baby productions.

For now though there's just The Boss Baby and The Boss Baby: Back in Business. If you haven't seen the movie yet, it's currently streaming on Netflix. Then you can jump right into the TV series which picks up right where the movie left off. Boss Baby, along with his older brother and partner-in-crime, Tim, will continue to navigate the "cutthroat corporate jungle gym of Baby Corp," according to Variety. Boss Baby will also be trying to balance his work-life with his home life as well. The new series is executive produced by Emmy-winner Brandon Sawyer.

Although the show follows the same characters, the actors in the TV series will be different from those in the film. In the movie, Alec Baldwin provided the voice for Boss Baby, Jimmy Kimmel was Dad, Tobey Maguire was the narrator and Adult Tim, and Miles Bakshi was the kid version of Tim. In the show, renowned voice actor JP Karliak takes over as Boss Baby, David W. Collins plays the dad, and Twin Peaks star Pierce Gagnon plays Tim. Eric Bell Jr., who provided the voice for the triplets, will reprise his role in the TV series. It's unclear if there will also be a narrator for this particular iteration.

Still, despite these cast changes, the show seems to be no different than the film in terms of its hilarity and heartwarming familial moments and scenes of friendship. Plus, it's doubtful your kids will even notice the difference in the characters' voices. That being said it does look like the original cast will return for the film, so if you prefer to only hear the Boss Baby voiced by Baldwin, then you can expect him to return to the role in 2021.

Until then, definitely make sure to give The Boss Baby: Back in Business a try. It'll be a fun series to watch with your kids, and the Boss Baby's struggle to balance his work and home life is way too relatable. Honestly, The Boss Baby: Back in Business will most likely be just as good, if not better, than the movie that proceeded it. You can start streaming The Boss Baby: Back in Business on Netflix beginning on Friday, April 6.

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