Queen Amber Is Set To Welcome A Royal Baby In Netflix's 'A Christmas Prince 3'

Don't you just love the time of year when you can look forward to snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket, all the while watching made-for-TV movies you wouldn't dare enjoy otherwise? Well, it looks like you have another movie to add to your queue this year because Netflix's A Christmas Prince is getting another installment. And those of you who love this franchise (it's a fan fave!) are probably eager to know: When does The Christmas Prince 3 come out? As it turns out, fans won't have to wait too long to see what happens next for King Richard and Queen Amber.

The popular Netflix movie series, which follows the misadventures of an American journalist, Amber (played by a New Zealander with a fantastic accent, Rose McIvor) who meets and falls in love with Prince Richard (played by Ben Lamb), the heir to the throne of a faraway, storybook country, Aldovia, might sound ridiculous on paper. But it's one of those charming escapes that doesn't need the serious plot of an Oscar contender to captivate audiences

Nope, this series is perfect popcorn-eating fun, with the first flick hitting in 2017, and 2018's follow-up, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, keeping the tradition alive by furthering the tale of the two unlikely lovers, this time with Amber officially set to wed into royalty and help rule the country.

Now, with A Christmas Prince: Royal Baby taking place in this picturesque country (think Monaco meets Frozen's Arendelle), Amber and Richard are balancing ruling a country with a big life change — a baby on the way! How Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of them.

Unfortunately, when you're in charge of an entire palace and country of people, it's hard to take time off, so the royal couple gives in to hosting the king and queen of Penglia, a country whose 600-year-old truce with Aldovia is sealed by a priceless document, according to People. But if that piece of paper goes missing, will it spell danger for the expectant Amber, and the kingdom?

I guess I'll know more when the movie drops Dec. 5. And I'm not the only one waiting, either: Twitter is full of fans just counting down the days until it premieres. "It’s almost the time of year where it’s acceptable for me to watch a Christmas prince 3 times a day," wrote one user, while another noted, "My most guilty time of year is approaching. Christmas movie season. I cannot resist. Go ahead judge me, I do, then I indulge anyway."

I feel these people. And sure, I never used to watch this kind of stuff when I had time to fill my Saturdays night with clubs, plays, parties, and restaurants.But now? If I get two hours to myself after putting my kids down, I'm not going anywhere (does any mom have that kind of energy?) So the couch, some wine, and Netflix are just my style, and bring on what I used to call the "cheesy" movies.

What's more? it doesn't hurt that this latest installment of The Christmas Prince features someone having a baby. She'll be right where I am in a couple months! And on that note, congrats to Queen Amber and King Richard on their upcoming bundle of joy!

A Christmas Prince: Royal Baby debuts on Netflix Dec. 5. A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding are currently available on Netflix.