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'The Bachelor' Creators Have A New Speed Dating Show, So Get Your Popcorn Ready

by Mishal Ali Zafar

If you love the romance and drama of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but feel like it takes forever to see a proposal, it’s time to rejoice. ABC is bringing you a new show to obsess over called The Proposal, and it’s going to bring you maximum feels in a ridiculously short period of time. So when does The Proposal premiere, and what can you expect from this all-new dating series?

Get your popcorn ready, because The Proposal premiere is just around the corner. The show will debut on Monday, June 18 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC, right after The Bachelorette. The show will be like a mash-up of The Dating Game, The Bachelor, and a beauty pageant, and will be set in four pageant-style rounds where 10 eligible bachelors or bachelorettes will compete to win the heart of a mystery suitor or “suitress” whose identity will be hidden from the contestants.

Each hour long episode will consist of a first impression round where daters introduce themselves and use their words to charm the mystery suitor. Then in the second round, the contestants will flaunt their stuff in a swimsuit round, similar to a beauty pageant. The third round consists of a question and answer session in which the suitor will ask the remaining contestant their most pressing love questions, and in the fourth and final round, the contestants will try to their best to get approval from one of the suitors family members.

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Each round is an elimination round, so at the end, when just one contestant is left, the mystery suitor will reveal their identity and have the opportunity to propose marriage if they choose to. So, if a love connection is made, the episode could end with an engagement. As insanely fun as it will be to watch, I wonder if the show will produce lasting relationships. It’s not impossible, because I know tons of couples (my parents included) who’ve had arranged marriages that have lasted for decades. But in this day and age, with the culture of instant gratification and Tinder, I don’t know how viable such a rushed relationship like that would be.

While the show isn’t going to be an official part of Bachelor nation, it does have deep roots in the franchise. It was created by The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, and will even be hosted by Season 5 Bachelor, Jesse Palmer. Palmer, a former NFL quarterback. Palmer was a fan favorite back in the day, but his engagement to Season 5 Bachelor winner Jennifer Bowlin only lasted a few months. While he may not be able to give the best marriage advice, if anything, he’ll be able to give the contestants and suitor some insight on what not to do.

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In one ABC promo, Palmer described the new show as a “soulmate pageant”, and as confusing as that sounds, it does seem intriguing. No dating show in history has had a fan following like The Bachelor franchise, so I can see why the creators are trying their hand at new approaches. But I really doubt that The Proposal will have as strong or loyal of a following as The Bachelor. There is an emotional investment fans develop over the weeks and months that they get acquainted with Bachelor contestants. Plus, the subsequent revival of contestants on shows like The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise sort of solidify that fan commitment and loyalty.

The show will definitely be a fun and quick dose of romance each week, and if The Bachelorette is your main course, I think The Proposal will be the perfect dessert.