Guy D'Alema/FOX

FOX's New Medical Drama 'The Resident' Isn't Scrubbing Out Anytime Soon

by Zakiya Jamal

It's beginning to feel like no TV show is safe this season. Twenty-five shows have already been cancelled across networks and there are still a number of shows, like Timeless, that are currently on the bubble. Thankfully, The Resident, is not one of those shows. As its debut season comes to a close, it has already been picked up for second season, so the only question fans should be asking now is: when does The Resident Season 2 premiere?

The show's first season began this past winter back in January and only consisted of 14 episodes total. It hasn't yet been revealed how many episodes will be in the second season, but if it's a full season — which usually around 22 episodes — then fans can probably expect The Resident to return this fall. If for some reason that doesn't happen, The Resident may not return again until January 2019 for another 14 episode installment. However, now that FOX has cancelled five of its shows, it would be shocking if it didn't go ahead and give The Resident a full season order, especially because the network now has more time slots to fill in the fall. More information about the series' second season will probably come soon though, especially now that the first season is coming to an end.

The first season of The Resident was a roller coaster filled with twists, betrayals, and some romance. However, the season finale looks to be the most thrilling episode of the season, as it should be. Going into the finale Nurse Nic Nevin (Emily VanCamp) is behind bars and out of a job.

In the penultimate episode, Nic was accused of being responsible for patient Lily Kendall's death, after it was discovered that Lily didn't die from chemo but from the bag of potassium Nic hung for her the night she died. Of course, Nic was absolutely certain she set the flow rate correctly, but the records showed otherwise. Even though Nic got Conrad (Matt Czuchry) and Devon (Manish Dayal) to help clear her name, it was of no use.

Dr. Lane Hunter was determined to make sure Nic took the fall for this. She told the board that Nic was on duty the night Lily died and that she was the person who set the potassium (even though we, as the viewers, know that she was the real perpetrator and is trying to frame Nic). She also convinced them not to let Conrad testify in support of Nic because of their romantic relationship. Then, to really put the nail in Nic's coffin, Dr. Randolph Bell, the other questionable doctor at the hospital, is now the CEO and he fired Nic.

So now it seems almost impossible for Nic's name to be cleared, especially now that she's been imprisoned. Nic attempted to get access to medical files to find proof of Lane's wrongdoing but that was all a set up and now she's being charged for breaking and entering. If Nic is convicted she could lose her nursing license and she won't be able to work anywhere. Thankfully, Conrad is now more determined than ever to clear her name and make sure Lane and Bell are finally brought to justice for all the patients they've killed. But can Conrad actually take them down?

Hopefully with the help of Devon, and whoever else they can pull to their side, they can. However, with this being the season finale, I wouldn't be surprised if the episode ended on a cliffhanger, leaving Nic's fate up in the air.

You can see what happens with Nic and the rest of the doctors and nurses at the hospital when The Resident season finale airs on Monday, May 14 at 9 p.m. EST on FOX.