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'UnREAL' Season 4 Needs To Get Here ASAP

The third season of UnREAL is coming to a close, but thankfully this isn't a final goodbye to the hit Lifetime drama. The series was already renewed for fourth season last year, but after the long hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3, it's not surprising that fans are worried about when the next season will arrive. So when does UnREAL Season 4 premiere?

Even though the series was renewed almost a year ago, there still isn't a premiere date for the fourth installment, however, that's understandable. Most shows don't announce the next season premiere date until the current season is over, so it's nothing out of the ordinary. That being said, it's hard to guess exactly when Season 4 will premiere. The first two seasons of UnREAL kicked off in the month of June, just in time for summer, but after the second season didn't do as well as the first, the show took an extended hiatus and didn't return until February of this year. With this season closing out in April, Season 4 definitely won't be returning this June — yet waiting until June 2019 just seems much too long. Thus, fans can probably expect Season 4 to air in February 2019, though that's not a guarantee.

One thing that is certain about the new season is it'll be shorter than the previous three. Although the show was renewed incredibly early, according to TVLine, Lifetime only commissioned eight episodes for Season 4, two less than the other 10-episode seasons. The network hasn't said why it only wanted eight episodes for the next season, but the move has led many fans to believe Season 4 will be UnREAL's swan song. Hopefully, that's not the case but, unfortunately, the show hasn't been living up to its first season potential, so a cancellation after Season 4 wouldn't be all that surprising.

However, before you start worrying that Season 4 may be the beginning of the end for UnREAL, let's just focus on the Season 3 finale as it'll probably be filled with a lot of drama. Season 3 saw its first "suitress" on Everlasting, UnREAL's faux reality dating production. Played by Caitlin FitzGerald, Serena has made her way through a number of guys and in the finale she'll be choosing the love of her life... or, at least, the winner.

But because UnREAL is all about showing what happens behind the scenes, fans know good and well it'll probably be Quinn and Rachel who end up choosing the winner for Serena in an effort to get better ratings for the show. Although Rachel has taken on an oath to try and be more honest in her work, at the end of the day she probably cares more about Quinn than Serena, and with Quinn's job now on the line, Rachel may forgo honesty.

Entertainment Weekly shared an exclusive clip from the finale, which showed Quinn trying to convince Rachel to create "a distraction of biblical proportions," for Everlasting's finale, something that will somehow help Quinn keep her job. Quinn even pleaded with Rachel saying, "This life, this career is all I have." Rachel seemed to agree to the plan, though she looked hesitant about it. Will Rachel actually go through with it, ruining Serena's chance at love? You'll just have to tune in for the finale to find out.

The Season 3 finale of UnREAL airs on Monday, April 23 at 9 p.m. EST with two back-to-back episodes on Lifetime. You won't want to miss it!

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