You'll Have To Wait Until Next Year To See Season 4 Of 'Workin' Moms' On Netflix

Fans are diving into Season 3 of Workin’ Moms on Netflix, and many are already looking forward to another season. The show comes from CBC Television, and it airs on the Canadian broadcast network months before it hits the streamer. Now that the CBC has confirmed the series’ renewal, many viewers are wondering exactly when Workin’ Moms Season 4 premieres on Netflix.

In a May 2019 press release, CBC announced Workin’ Moms was renewed for a fourth season, but didn’t reveal a specific premiere date. Based on the last three seasons’ schedules — all of which premiered in January and December — it’s likely Season 4 will premiere on CBC early 2020. This means Netflix viewers will get the fourth season a few months after its season finale.

In July, the Workin’s Moms Twitter account shared a picture of the cast, and revealed that the new season was in the works, and also mentioned it would premiere on CBC and CBC Gem in “winter 2020.” This means that the show will potentially finish airing on CBC by spring of next year, so fans streaming the show through Netflix might have to wait until next summer to see Season 4.

Season 1 of the series didn’t hit Netflix until two years after it first aired on CBC. But because of the deal between CBC and Netflix, more Canadian shows are finding their way to the streamer. When talking to Variety, Sally Catto, CBC’s general manager of programming, said that streaming platforms like Netflix are giving Canadian series the opportunity to appeal to a wider, international audience.

“Being a strong supporter of Canadian creators and producers we are thrilled when our series are seen around the world,” said Catto. “There’s no denying that [streamers] like Amazon and Netflix have that incredible platform. They allow audiences outside the country and even perhaps within Canada that haven’t had an opportunity to see these series or weren’t aware of them be exposed to them.”

Workin’ Moms creator and lead actress, Catherine Reitman told Variety that creating the show in Canada felt empowering because CBC was actually invested in the show, and the network gave her the creative support she needed to let the show grow. She also noted that after being released on Netflix, the series found a bigger audience, as well as a growing social media presence.

"There was this rebirth of the show where our social media got flooded and people started stopping me in the streets more than usual," Reitman told the outlet. "People were talking about what was happening in Season 1 as Season 3 was airing. It was wild. There really is such a thing as the Netflix effect."

Netflix is a go-to for many viewers, and I’m sure fans of Workin’ Moms appreciate the fact that they get to watch through the streamer. And although there is no date for Season 4 yet, and there might be a year-long wait before it comes to Netflix, fans can take comfort in knowing there’s still more hot mama drama coming their way.

Season 3 of Workin’ Moms is currently streaming on Netflix.