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This Is When Amy Schumer Says She's Due To Give Birth

Now that we're officially in the final stretch April, plenty of royal fans are probably looking at their calendar and wondering: "Wait, wasn't Meghan Markle supposed to have her baby by now?" But alas, there hasn't yet been any official baby Sussex news. Similarly, fans of Amy Schumer are likely refreshing the actress' social media accounts hourly to see if she has given birth yet. Because the actress is allegedly as far along as the Duchess of Sussex — to the day, even. So when is Amy Schumer's due date? The comedian's latest update reveals she's still heavily pregnant.

On Tuesday, April 23, Schumer took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and her husband, Chris Fischer — and effectively confirming that yes, she is still pregnant, USA Today reported. Her tabloid-esque caption was pretty entertaining, too. "Amy Schumer And Chris Fischer set pulses racing while the heavily pregnant Schumer flaunts her growing bump," the mom-to-be wrote. "Amy is still pregnant and puking because money rarely goes to medical studies for women such as hyperemesis or endometriosis and instead goes to things like dicks not getting hard enough or old guys who want harder dicks. 👴 👍🏼🤮."

Schumer's Instagram followers seemed to dig her message calling out the lack of HG research. One person commented, "While I was hooked to an IV during my pregnancy I thought, 'if this happened to men we’d have a cure by now.'"

Another Instagram user wrote, "That’s what happens when we have a male dominated medical field, Congress, tech world, corporate environment, etc. Amy, you’re beautiful ☺️."

Yet another Instagram user pointed out what everyone was probably thinking, writing, "This pregnancy has truly lasted forever😩 When is your due date?"

It's worth noting that on Monday, it wasn't entirely clear if Schumer was still pregnant, according to E! Online. The comedian shared a photo of the book Cribsheet by Emily Oster that elicited confused responses. "The book #expectingbetter by &profemilyoster got me through pregnancy. It is a fact and statistic based look at pregnancy. She is an economist at Brown University," Schumer wrote. "Her follow up book #cribsheet is about children from birth to preschool. I am so grateful for her work." The key words that got fans wondering if this was a low-key birth announcement were, "got me through pregnancy." As in, past tense. But judging by her update on Tuesday, she is still, in fact, with child.

Although Schumer hasn't revealed her exact due date, she did give a hint about the general time frame during her Netflix special Growing. “I’ll tell you who it’s not fun to be pregnant at the exact same time as ― Meghan Markle,” she told the audience. “I think we’re, like, to the day the same amount pregnant.” If this is true, then we already know that Markle is due at the end of April or in early May. Basically, both Schumer and the Duchess of Sussex are in the final stretch of their pregnancies — and the big arrivals could literally be any day now!

So yes, Amy Schumer is still pregnant. She could give birth tomorrow. Or, her baby might hang out in there for a couple more weeks. That's the pesky thing about pregnancy; it's not like a baby goes, "Hmm, it's my due date. Guess I better come out now." Nope. Due dates only give a general idea of when labor might start. Hang in there, mama! The finish line is soooo close.