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Chandler Riggs Has Opened Up About That Huge 'Walking Dead' Cliffhanger

If you're watching a show called The Walking Dead you should probably know going into it that a lot of people are going to die. That's what happens when a zombie apocalypse takes over the world. Still, it's never easy when a longtime character gets killed off. So when Carl revealed that he'd been bitten by a Walker in the midseason finale, fans were devastated. Although some are still hoping Carl will somehow survive, many are already asking: when is Chandler Riggs leaving The Walking Dead?

First of all, for anyone still keeping hope alive, the sad truth is Carl is really a goner. Riggs confirmed as much to The Hollywood Reporter, stating that "there's no way [Carl] can get back from that. His story is definitely coming to an end." That being said, fans will still get a chance to say a thorough goodbye to Carl. He'll be in the midseason premiere, airing on Feb. 25, when his father, Michonne, and the rest of the Alexandrians will watch as Carl dies before their very eyes. In other words, it'll be another heartbreaking scene that'll you probably only want to see once for closure and then never again. After that, you may see Carl again in flashbacks, but for the most part, the midseason premiere is the end of the road for Carl.

Although the show has certainly had a number of devastating deaths over the course of its eight seasons, this may just be the most heartbreaking for a number of reasons. Fans have watched Carl grow up from the young boy he was at the start of the series up to now where he's really stepped up and taken charge. Plus, aside from Rick, Carl was one of the few people left on the show that's been there since the very beginning in the pilot episode.

To make matters worse, in the comic book series that the show is based off of, Carl is still very much alive, unlike with Glenn, whose death was absolutely sad, but also very much anticipated. Carl's death is a major departure for the show to take, which has left many people asking why did it need to happen? For many fans, and even the other characters on the show, Carl was meant to be the future of the revolution against the walkers. Rick has been practically grooming Carl for it. So now that he's dying, who will take on the mantle after Rick? It's hard to say now.

The most logical answer would probably be Judith, Rick's daughter. Although she's just a toddler now, in the comics there is a time jump, which could possibly take place on the show, thus allowing Judith to be older in the next season. Perhaps she will now be the one to symbolize the hope of a new and brighter future. So, in many ways, it'd make sense for Rick to focus his attention on her after Carl dies. I'm certainly all for giving her more screen time.

Before he starts figuring out the future, Rick will have to focus on what to do about Carl. Since he was bitten, he will become a zombie after he dies, and Rick, or someone, will have to ensure that doesn't happen. Although it'll be a hard task for anyone to do, it'll most likely be Rick who ultimately does it. Therefore, nothing about this whole situation will be easy, so make sure to grab a box of tissues for the midseason premiere. You'll need them.

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