when is christmas 2019? toddler decorating a christmas tree
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Christmas Doesn't Fall On The Most Convenient Day Of The Week This Year

If you've been in any store, watched TV, or done some online window shopping, you've likely seen a few things that indicate Christmas is nearing. So, if you're scratching your head and wondering exactly when is Christmas Day 2019, you're not alone. Since 2019's Thanksgiving landed at the very end of November, it resulted in an unusually quick turnaround into Christmas.

Typically, there are at least four full weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, but in 2019 there are just 26 days between Turkey Day and Wednesday, Dec. 25. Additionally, many people start celebrating the holiday on Christmas Eve (Tuesday, Dec. 24), which leaves only 25 days for them to deck the halls and shop for gifts this year.

With the holiday falling on a Wednesday, it provides many people a good excuse to use up the last of their vacation hours of the year and take the entire week off to soak up the traditions and fun. However, for those who don't have paid time off, it may mean sacrificing several days of pay to enjoy that same time off, or possibly being unable to take the holiday off at all. Either way, there are ways to still celebrate the magic of the holiday even if you're not home on Christmas day.

Popular Christmas traditions like Santa Claus, decorating trees, and baking delicious cookies can be observed in the days leading up to (and even after) Dec. 25. There's really no right or wrong way to spend Christmas. What's most important is celebrating it with those you love.