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When Is Christy Carlson Romano Due? The Even Stevens Star Is Pregnant

Remember the show, Even Stevens? I mean, who could forget it? It was the show on Disney Channel that introduced the world to the bacon-loving character Beans and launched Shia LaBeouf's acting career. It also launched the career of Christy Carlson Romano — who played the over achieving, older sister to Shia LaBeouf's character. But now, Christy Carlson Romano has grown up and is pregnant. Making me wonder, when is Christy Carlson Romano due?

Can you believe that Even Stevens premiered 16 years ago? It feels like just yesterday we were watching Louis get into shenanigans and Ren getting upset because of it. Back then, Christy Carlson Romano played a character who was in the eighth grade. Yeah, you heard me right. But now Christy Carlson Romano is all grown up.

On Thursday June 23, Romano confirmed to People that she is pregnant with her first child with husband Brendan Rooney, who is a writer, producer, and military veteran. The two first met as students at Columbia University in 2011 and subsequently got married on New Years Eve in 2013. But now, three years later, the couple is now expecting a little girl — as confirmed to People. So sweet! The best part of it all? Romano and Rooney are expecting their daughter on another special holiday.

What holiday is that, exactly? Romano's baby is due on Christmas Day! How special is that?! Romano told People:

I am flabbergasted at the serendipity of having a baby on Christmas. It's our favorite holiday! What a gift we'll have this year. Feeling so blessed and grateful...and a little nauseous.

While it is not guaranteed that the baby will be born on Christmas, it is a pretty exciting thought to have. For some, there is no better gift than being a mother and having a child — a gift that makes socks and books under the tree seem so inferior. Seriously, how do you top having a child for a gift?

For those who feel like they haven't heard from Romano since she left their TV screens in 2003 when Even Stevens went off the air — they're not alone. Luckily, Romano has been plenty busy since the show went off the air, consistently acting in various films over the years (seriously, her resume is impressive). Romano is also incredibly active on her Instagram account, where she lets fans take a glimpse of her life. If you ever missed Christy Carlson Romano on your TV screen, you can now have her on your Instagram feed.

It is so incredibly exciting to be expecting your first child, let alone expecting your first child on Christmas Day. Here is to hoping that Santa brings the best present of all!