When Is Father's Day 2017?

It's June, and that means time to celebrate dear old dad. But of course, it's one of those tricky holidays without a set date that moves around each year. So when is Father's Day 2017? Don't worry — you still have plenty of time to buy ties and a card.

According to Calendarpedia, Father's Day 2017 falls on Sunday, June 18. That's less than three weeks away, so it might be time to make any dinner reservations. But in general, you still have plenty of time to finish up shopping.

Why does it fall on this date? According to the website for the History Channel, Father's Day celebrations developed in America around the early 1900s, falling on the third Sunday in June. These celebrations served as a companion to Mother's Day, which had been popular for several decades prior. The holiday initially faced some pushback from American men who disliked the sentimentality of gift-giving, but it grew in popularity and became an official federal holiday under Richard Nixon in 1972, as further noted by the History Channel's site.

In present day, the holiday is a major cultural force. According to CNN, Father's Day is the fourth-biggest holiday for sending cards, with approximately 74 million greeting cards given to dads each year. And what is the most popular gift? The stereotypes are true: the necktie is often the most popular gift for Father's Day, according to MSN. But hey, there's nothing wrong with helping Dad look sharp. It's a classic for a reason.

At a loss for how to spend the holiday? You could help dad feel like a kid again with a game of go-kart or paintball, as suggested by the website for Reader's Digest. Don't disregard brunch, either: omelette stations and waffles are beloved by pretty much everyone. Another unconventional idea: throw a party. As noted by Your Tango, hosting a BBQ or other informal get-together is one way to make dad's day, especially if he's the social butterfly type. Whatever you decide to do, remember that you're taking part in a holiday that involves over a century of celebrating dads.