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When Is Labor Day Weekend? Summer's Final Hurrah Is Happening Soon

The unofficial close of summer vacation season, Labor Day is a beloved holiday for many Americans. It's the last three-day opportunity to soak in summer — hopefully undisturbed. So when is Labor Day Weekend in 2019? Go ahead and dust off the grill, because this final warm-weather holiday is approaching fast.

For 2019, Labor Day Weekend will take place from Saturday, August 31 to Monday, September 2. As always, the Labor Day holiday falls on the first Monday in September, which happens to be the second day of the month this year. Because Labor Day is a Federal holiday, all government offices and organizations are closed, as well as many businesses. If they've already started the school year, most kids are out of school on this day as well.

First created by the late nineteenth century's labor movement, Labor Day has been celebrated in America since 1894, as explained in History. As a day designed to honor the hard-working people in the U.S., the holiday is also a reminder of the harsh working conditions many Americans faced during the height of the industrial revolution. Working 12 hour days, seven days a week was the norm, and even children were forced to work in dangerous mines, mills, and factories as well, as further noted in History. At its heart, the holiday is all about celebrating the American worker and the hard work that they do, and most importantly, giving many of them a much-needed day off.

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In American culture, Labor Day Weekend used to signify the final taste of summer before kids returned to school. However, school schedules vary tremendously now, so the little ones in your town will likely be back in the classroom long before Labor Day Weekend hits. Still, the holiday provides a great opportunity have one final hurrah of summertime fun before packing away the beach balls and swim gear for another season. Whether you spend the three-day weekend oceanside, or simply let the kids run through the lawn sprinkler one more time, it's a lovely holiday. Labor Day Weekend gives families the chance to hang out and catch their breath before the school year and holiday season crank into full gear.

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If you're in the mood for a cookout on this three-day weekend, then the choices are endless. For fans of all things saucy, there's a great selection of Labor Day barbecue recipes, as well as some tasty vegan barbecue recipes, over at Bustle. There's sure to be a little something for everyone at your cookout. Honestly, those Southwestern sweet potato burgers look like something I need to make ASAP.

And if you'd rather just order pizza and marathon-watch Netflix for a few hours, that's totally cool, too. The whole point of the holiday is rest and relaxation, after all, and you're free to define that however you like. Doing nothing at all is very much in the original spirit of the holiday, anyway, so spend this Labor Day Weekend doing as much or as little as you like.