When Is Lauren B. Moving To Denver For Ben? 'The Bachelor' Winner Is Making A Big Move

The question has been popped and a very expensive diamond engagement ring has been slipped on The Bachelor winner's finger, so what next? On The Bachelor finale, Ben and Lauren B. made their public debut as a couple, the reality show metaphor of riding off into the sunset. The two, who said they want a short engagement, have already spoken out about moving in together, noting on "After the Final Rose" that Lauren would be moving to Denver with Ben. It's is certainly a promising start to their relationship, but when is The Bachelor winner Lauren B. moving to Denver to be with Ben?

"Really soon!" according to the newly-engaged Bachelor contestant. Up until now, Lauren and Ben have been covertly flying back and forth between his home in Denver and her home in Marina Del Rey, California for incognito meet-ups until they were allowed to be seen in public together. (Ah, contractually restricted romance.) Luckily for Lauren, her career as a flight attendant probably provided the perfect cover story. Now that they're able to go public with their relationship, Lauren will be relocating to Denver, which makes sense, given her likely location-flexible job. Ben, conversely, works in software sales.

"In the next few weeks, when our schedules allow, I'm going to pack up my stuff and [move]," Lauren told Chris Harrison during her "After the Final Rose" exit interview.

"I'm excited!" she added, probably making her the first person in history to actually forward to packing for a move. Hopefully, Ben will be helping out with some of the heavy lifting, since he'll be marrying into the one of the coolest spousal perks ever: free airfare!

While the move seems like the two are moving fast, don't forget that it has been months since the show ended. It's about time that these two are able to start living as a normal couple that doesn't have to sneak around town just to see each other. Plus, they're not the only Bachelor franchise success story that will be in Colorado. The first Bachelorette ever, Trista Sutter, and her husband Ryan Sutter live in the state, and they've been together since 2003. Perhaps it is something in the air.

And let's not forget who else lives in Denver — Lace Morris, who became a fan-favorite to watch on the season. After realizing that the process of the show was bringing out the worst in her, Lace politely excused herself from filming. At "The Women Tell All," Lace told Chris Harrison that she is working on learning to love herself before loving anyone else.

Hopefully we'll catch the Higgins-Bushnell couple cohabiting on Instagram soon.